10 Cozy Cabins for Rent Near Mount Rainier National Park, Washington (2023)

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Mount Rainier National Park is one of the most majestic places in the entire Pacific Northwest.

Mount Rainier not only towers over the entire region as the highest peak in the PNW, it is also one of the wildest and most remote areas in the lower 48 states. More than 90 percent of the park is designated as a wilderness area.

The mountain has numerous glaciers, alpine meadows, and waterfalls, and its slopes teem with wildlife. there is a robust oneroad networkaround the mountain, all connected by the world famous Wonderland Trail.

Mount Rainier National Park offers stunning views around every corner. The mountain of the same name is great in its own right, but it also borders other exceptional mountains, including the Cascade peaks of Mount St. Helens, Mount Adams and Mount Hood. The entire area is filled with volcanic wonders.

Whether you are traveling towards Mount Rainier to visit the park or one of the nearby ski resorts, or are simply looking for a peaceful retreat from the civilized world, you will no doubt find a fantastic place to stay. Check out 11 of the best cabins near Mount Rainier National Park below to make your trip even more memorable.

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1. Cozy cabin by the river

10 Cozy Cabins for Rent Near Mount Rainier National Park, Washington (1)

Why you should stay:Floor to ceiling windows adjacent to the Cowlitz River and Coal Creek.

  • The nearest town:Packholz
  • Sleep:6
  • Minimum stay:1 night
  • Prices for:$259/night

If you are looking for a place to relax and focus your attention on nature, look no further.Cozy cabin by the river. Whether you are inside or outside, you will be treated to amazing river and mountain views.

The wood-burning fireplace and direct connection to nature make this a true wilderness experience -- it's one of the most quintessential PNW cabin rentals on this list, closest to Mount Rainier. You are just minutes from Mount Rainier, the Pacific Crest Trail andWhite Pass Ski Area.

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2. The Fillmore Landing

10 Cozy Cabins for Rent Near Mount Rainier National Park, Washington (2)

Why you should stay:Soak in a cedar hot tub on a private rainforest retreat just a short distance from paradise.

  • The nearest town:Aschford
  • Sleep:6
  • Minimum stay:1 night
  • Prices for:$163/night

Fillmore's landingit is tucked away in the enchanting rainforest southwest of Mount Rainier. The National Park is just a few miles away and the spectacular Mount Rainier Visitor Center is inparadiseit's just a little further. Paradise is a great place to take in epic views and stroll through meadows teeming with wildflowers.

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The cabin is in a rural area but the moss and lichen covered trees provide plenty of privacy for the patio and cedar hot tub. In addition to Rainier, this cabin is also close to the Nisqually River where fishing and summer swimming are popular activities.

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3. Chalet Alpenglück

10 Cozy Cabins for Rent Near Mount Rainier National Park, Washington (3)

Why you should stay:A riverside retreat near a ski resort on the north side of Mount Rainier.

  • The nearest town:Enumklaue
  • Sleep:8
  • Minimum stay:2 nights
  • Prices for:$424/night

Far enough from the big city to feel completely secludedChalet AlpenglückIt is an ideal haven for Seattlites. Located on the beautiful White River, this cabin is a popular spot for spotting moose, deer and waterfowl.

This spacious home is a great place for families. The oversized bedrooms offer plenty of space to relax, the oversized deck accommodates all residents for al fresco dining, and the large deck offers direct access to the river. There's even a games room in the garage. This is one of the best dog friendly cabins near Mt Rainier as it is spacious inside and has plenty of room for outdoor fun.

Mount Rainier National Park is also just 15 minutes awaySkigebiet Crystal Mountain. You can explore the park one day and hit the slopes the next.

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4. Structure A of Mount Rainier

10 Cozy Cabins for Rent Near Mount Rainier National Park, Washington (4)

Why you should stay:A hot tub, two balconies and three bedrooms on 10 private acres.

  • The nearest town:Aschford
  • Sleep:8
  • Minimum stay:5 nights
  • Prices for:$234/night

Sit back and relax in complete privacyA-Frame von Mount RainierCabin. This cabin with its unique view of Mount Rainier is the ultimate camp for you and your crew. The balcony is a perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee or gaze at the starry sky.

Not only is the national park minutes away, but you have your own trails for hiking and exploring the local nature. Decorative eaves and warm outdoor lighting make this place welcoming, and the modern interior makes you feel right at home. You will likely need snow chains or a 4x4 if you come here in the middle of winter.

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5. Millard's Cabin

10 Cozy Cabins for Rent Near Mount Rainier National Park, Washington (5)

Why you should stay:A cabin nestled between three iconic cascading volcanoes, perfect for intrepid explorers.

  • The nearest town:Packholz
  • Sleep:8
  • Minimum stay:1 night
  • Prices from: $187/night

Mount Rainier may be the star of the show, but Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams are also notable mountains in Washington that deserve your attention. That meansMillard's cabinIt's a great place for anyone wanting to explore beyond Rainier. From here, guests have access to all three snow-capped volcanoes. The only question is which ones you will visit first.

Rainier is the closest of the three and is sure to make you want to visit the national park. ONationaldenkmal Mount St. Volcanic Helenis equally impressive and informative, while Mount Adams is surrounded by remote and stunning wilderness - perfect if you like having space to yourself on long hikes.

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6. Hera Chale

10 Cozy Cabins for Rent Near Mount Rainier National Park, Washington (6)

Why you should stay:Adorable, secluded and rich in amenities, this is a dream mountain getaway for two.

  • The nearest town:Aschford
  • Sleep:2
  • Minimum stay:2 nights
  • Prices for:$171/night

Ivy Cottageis the pure embodiment of "weekend at the hut". This cozy and cute cottage looks a little rustic on the outside, but it's absolutely adorable on the inside. And if inside isn't warm and cozy enough, there's a private indoor hot tub and sauna on-site. cool-It is,warm up.

This cabin is five minutes from the National Park entrance and a variety of great hiking trails. After a long day of hiking and driving there is no better place to come back to than this enchanting forest retreat. It has a raised sleeping area, but it's a whole flight of stairs so you don't have to run up and down stairs in the middle of the night.

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7. Blue Ox Base Camp

10 Cozy Cabins for Rent Near Mount Rainier National Park, Washington (7)

Why you should stay:A brightly lit cabin in a sun-drenched forest just outside the national park boundaries.

  • The nearest town:Aschford
  • Sleep:2
  • Minimum stay:3 nights
  • Prices for:$250/night

Nestled in a lightly wooded pine and maple forest,Blue Ox Base Campit looks open and bright rather than dark and hidden. Large windows and white interior walls make the most of the natural light, and there's a brilliant amount of night light, too, including the light you get from the wood-burning fireplace.

The open plan design of this cozy cabin offers plenty of breathing room for two. The loft, hot tub, fire pit, and the hosts' impressive attention to detail make this a wonderfully romantic getaway. If you come in winter, take advantage of the free snowshoes, perfect for exploring the surrounding forests.

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8. Totem Lodge

10 Cozy Cabins for Rent Near Mount Rainier National Park, Washington (8)

Why you should stay:A quirky, rustic cabin as close to Mount Rainier National Park as you can get.

  • The nearest town:Aschford
  • Sleep:5
  • Minimum stay:2 nights
  • Prices for:$185/night

wooden floor? Check over. Wooden deck, walls, cabinets, ceilings and more? Check over. OTotem-LogeThe builders have gone to great lengths to create an authentic cabin experience. There's even a colorful totem pole watching over the upstairs attic. This place is a little quirky and full of PNW character. It's a fun getaway that you'll want to return to again and again.

The house is in a beautiful community called Paradise Estates outside of Ashford. You have access to the neighborhood park, playground, and lake, making this a fun place for young families to relax.

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9. Naked Elk Lodge

10 Cozy Cabins for Rent Near Mount Rainier National Park, Washington (9)

Why you should stay:Location, location, location. It's an affordable cabin in the woods outside of town.

  • The nearest town:Packholz
  • Sleep:10
  • Minimum stay:2 nights
  • Prices for:$191/night

Just because you're heading into the woods doesn't mean you have to travel far off the beaten path to begin with.Naked Elk Lodgeit is conveniently located near the city. You still have the tranquility of the forest but you have all the conveniences of a busy mountain town, like laid-back bars, charming shops and cafes.

This means that getting to and from the cabin is a breeze even in the dead of winter when snow is piling up. Packwood has everything you need during your stay. White Pass National Park and Ski Area are also nearby, giving you plenty of options to fill your days.

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10. Retiro Knotty Cedars

10 Cozy Cabins for Rent Near Mount Rainier National Park, Washington (10)

Why you should stay:Along with a national forest and country club, you get the best of both worlds.

  • the next town: compacted wood
  • Sleep:5
  • Minimum stay:1 night
  • Prices for:$129/night

Located in a lush, fern-covered forest on the outskirts of town,Retiro knotty cedarsIt has direct access to wild and resort luxury. A short walk from the cottage in one direction takes you to Gifford-Pinchot National Forest, while the other takes you to High Valley Country Club.

The Country Club offers extravagances such as a golf course, hot tub, swimming pool and a variety of special events. This is certainly the best cabin rental near Mount Rainier if you plan on hitting the links during your stay.

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