10 Popular Luxury Banquet Halls and 5 Star NCR Wedding Venues in Delhi (2023)

Reserving the best place in the best location is a top priority when awedding dateit will be decided. the place of aMarriageit adds vibrancy and sets the perfect mood for the occasion and guests.


If you are getting married in Delhi NCR then there is no need to worry as several of the best banquet venues and halls are available for all kinds of needs. Accommodations are well designed and built to provide you and your guests with a memorable experience. But this is where the confusion comes.How To Find The Best Banquet Halls In Delhi NCRamong many. To help you make faster and better decisions, here is our suggestion of the 10 best banquet venues and halls:

List of Top 10 Wedding Venues and Banquet Halls in Delhi NCR

  1. The Ritz at Ferns N Petals Gardens– Luxurious Gurugram Banquet Hall
  2. Hotel Atrio, a boutique hotel– Kapashera Wedding Venue, Delhi
  3. Goldene Tulpe, Chattarpur– Banquet hall in Chhatarpur, Delhi
  4. ITC Welcom Hotel– 5 Star Wedding Venue Dwarka, Delhi
  5. Amarai Farmen, Kapashera– Wedding Banquet Halls in Delhi
  6. Country Inn & Suites By Radisson, Sahibabad (Ghaziabad)– East Delhi NCR Wedding Hotel
  7. Lalit, Connaught Place–5 Star Wedding Hotel in Delhi
  8. Kronplatz– 5 Star Wedding Hotels in Gurgaon
  9. El Westin, Gurgaon– Luxury Hotel for Weddings Delhi-NCR
  10. the golden gift, Sahibabad, Delhi

The most popular NCR based luxury banquet hall in Delhi and 5 star venues for weddings, engagements and reception ceremonies.

1. Das Ritz de Ferns N Petals Gardens

The Ritz by Ferns N Petals Gardens – Luxus Bankettsaal Gurugram


if you are looking for onefancy placeor planning a unique wedding, The Ritz by Ferns N Petals Gardens should be your choice. It is a closed banquet building and is in a prime location.Atmosphere Insel, Gurgaon. This boutique is dazzling with its incredible decorations, making it the best place to add luxury to your wedding celebration.

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Huge and spacious, it occupies a large number of meetings, making it the best boutique in the city. If you want your wedding to be luxurious and decorated,Ritz-Boutique-Halle in NCRis what you are looking for.


  • Area– 60,000 Quadratfuss
  • ability– 1500 – 3000 guests
  • Parking capacity - 2000 cars

2. Court – Ein Boutique-Hotel, Kapashera, Delhi

10 Popular Luxury Banquet Halls and 5 Star NCR Wedding Venues in Delhi (1)

This hotel is a perfect combination of modern and contemporary. The boutique salon impresses with its aesthetic interior. The decoration, lighting and arrangements of this hotel will surprise you.

Atrium has gained great popularity as a wedding venue as it offers ample space to allow guests to meet both indoors and outdoors. This luxurious property has 3 banquet halls, Venezia, Victoria and Veneto, built for 800, 1400 and 150 guests respectively.


It also has rooms built and equipped with numerous amenities such as free Wi-Fi and king-size beds. Atrio is the perfect destination for a memorable yet comfortable wedding.

3. Goldene Tulpe, Chattarpur, Delhi

10 Popular Luxury Banquet Halls and 5 Star NCR Wedding Venues in Delhi (2)

The Golden Tulip Chattarpur Hotel brings luxury and comfort to a wedding. Located in South Delhi, very close to Chattarpur metro station andTemple of Chattarpur, this luxurious property offers a retreat from the chaos of Delhi NCR.

Spread over three acres, the property reflects a perfect blend of art, design and advanced infrastructure with lush green gardens, beautiful rooms and suites with pool and garden views, a ballroom, state-of-the-art conference and wedding facilities, expansive gardens and multi-cuisine restaurants serving delicacies serving a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

4. ITC Welcome Hotel, Dwarka, Delhi

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ITC WelcomHotel – 5 Star Wedding Venue Dwarka, Delhi

The ITC Welcome Boutique Lounge is beautifully designed and decorated. The world-class facilities of this hall and the best service from the staff can make your wedding easy and stress-free. They take care of all the arrangements and other things so that you and your family can enjoy the wedding to the fullest.


Although this boutique ballroom won't accommodate a large gathering, it may be better suited for small weddings. Its delicious food will leave your wedding guests speechless and its services are also up to date.

5. Amarai Farmen, Kapashera, Delhi

Amarai Farms, Kapashera – Wedding Banquet Halls in Delhi

Amarai Farms is one of the premier boutique venues for all types of wedding celebrations, large or small. The main objective of this hotel is to provide a personalized service for your wedding.

They make sure that you, your family and your guests have a good time at your wedding. If you are a nature lover looking for the perfect outdoor venue for your wedding, you should choose Amarai Farms.

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6. Country Inn & Suites By Radisson, Sahibabad, East Delhi NCR

Country Inn & Suites By Radisson, Sahibabad (Ghaziabad) – Hochzeitshotel en Ost-Delhi NCR

Landgasthof en SahibabadIt is an amazing complex with 7 large bouquets, the most famous of which is the Darbar Ballroom, which has an area of ​​20,000 square feet. It can accommodate more than 1,000 guests, making it the best option for large wedding events.


You can also buy the other rooms to make them more spacious and comfortable for your wedding guests. If you are a person with many family guests, this is the ideal boutique room for you. Choose Country Inn and experience luxury and comfort.

7. Die Lalit, Connaught Place, Delhi

The Lalit, Connaught Place – 5-Sterne-Hochzeitshotel en Delhi

Lalit Banquet Hall needs no introduction to Delhi residents. It is one of the most famous wedding venues in Delhi which has held countless weddings. If you've already been to The Lalit, it's no surprise.

It has three bouquets: Regency, Regal and Crystal Ballroom, which are ideal for weddings with medium-sized gatherings. The food at this 5 star hotel is world class. They offer the best services for whatever accommodation you are planning.

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8. Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon, Delhi

Crowne Plaza – 5 Star Wedding Hotels Gurgaon, DELHI NCR

The Crowne Plaza Hotel is located in Delhi's thriving business district, Gurgaon. It is also close to the airport and other tourist spots, which makes it the best and most attractive bridal bouquet salon for large weddings. The interiors here are impressive and creative. The beauty of this place always earns its place in the top 10.

If you want to celebrate your wedding in unrivaled beauty and luxury, you must visit the Crowne Plaza in Gurgaon. Make your wedding unforgettable in this incredible place.

9. The Westin – Gurgaon, Delhi

The Westin, Gurgaon - Luxury Wedding Hotel Delhi-NCR

The Westin Hotel offers the best boutique lounge and excellent service at a price you could never have imagined. The ballroom of this hotel is impressive and striking. Their affordability and beauty set them apart from the other boutiques in the city. Celebrate your wedding here and enjoy luxury at a low cost.

10. The Golden Treat, Sahibabad, Delhi

This hotel offers generous services for a large gathering. The interiors are also surprising and attractive. They offer good on-time services and make it easy for you to enjoy the feature. The food is good here too. If you want to host your wedding celebration with a large gathering, The Golden Treat in Sahibabad is the best option. Enjoy your wedding at luxurious venues like The Golden Treat to create even more memories.

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Weddings are more emotional in addition to enjoyment. Two souls unite with the plants of their family. Moments like these are special and need to be captured and held on to. To do this, you need a perfect sport that will add beauty to what you already have. Plan your wedding at one of these venues to create a lasting memory.

Are you still waiting? Reserve your boutique salon now, before someone else does. Don't compromise on your wedding venue as it plays a crucial role in making your dream come true.


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