125 country wedding songs for every part of your special day (2023)

From Thomas Rhett to Kacey Musgraves, your search ends here.

Country music is a style that lends itself well to weddings, as there are many heartfelt ballads, classic hits, and chart-topping modern music. To help you create your ideal playlist, we've rounded up the best country wedding songs for every stage of your big day, from getting ready with your crew to dancing like no one is watching at the after-party. Once you've determined what music you'd like to hear during your ceremony and reception,connect with your providersto share your must play playlist. if you areWorking with a DJ or live bandGive them your party wishes and see if they have any other suggestions for completing your set list. When your dream wedding grewcountry party, consider choosing providers that specialize in this genre. A pro who shares your taste will be able to feel the crowd and play more country wedding songs.Get (and keep) guests on the dance floor.

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Below, we've compiled the best country wedding songs for your wedding day. Browse our selection (and read our favorite lyrics) to complete your country's playlist.

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Die best Country-Love-Songs-Playlist

If you don't know which songs to add to your wedding playlist, don't worry. We've listed the best country songs about love below to get you on the right track.

1. "All Your'n" de Tyler Childers

Lyrics You'll Love: "So I'll love you till my lungs give out, I don't lie / I'm all yours and you're all mine"

2. "Drive Away With You" de Jill Andrews

Lyrics You'll Love: "Some people search forever but never find / A love like yours and mine"

3. "My Person (Wedding Version)" by Spencer Crandall

Lyrics You'll Love: "My Salvation, My Everything / I've Never Been So Sure You're My Person"

4. "When You Say Nothing" by Alison Krauss & Union Station

Lyrics you'll love: "It's amazing how you can speak straight to my heart / Without saying a word, you can light up the dark"

5. "I'll Say I Do" de Brandon Chase

Lyrics you'll love: "I was sleepwalking / Until the day I found your love / Now I'm in freefall / And my heart just can't get enough"

6. "The Rest of Our Lives" by Drew Green

Songtexte, die Sie lieben werden: "Here's forever, the rest of our lives / Me being yours and you being mine"

7. "Has Anyone Ever Told You?" by Ashley Monroe

Lyrics you'll love: "Baby you don't have to try / Your light shines on its own / And when I'm by your side / I just wanna hold on"

8. "Wedding Dress" by Levi Hummon

Lyrics you'll love: "Maybe it's the champagne going to the head / Or something the preacher said / If I got down on one knee, would you say yes?" / I want to see you in a wedding dress.”

9. "Trying On Rings" de Maddie & Tae

Songtexte, die Sie lieben werden: „For real life doing its thing / From a silly seventeen-year adventure / To try on rings“

10. "Big, Big Shots" by Chris Lane

Lyrics you'll love: "Cause we're back in her hometown now / And I'm on my knees / I think she finally figured it out / I'm gonna propose."

New rural wedding songs

We love the classics, but it can't hurt to add some new country tunes to your wedding day. Here are the hits from the past two years that you'll love.

11. "Another (Wedding Version)" de Adam Doleac

Lyrics You'll Love: "Yeah, from the second we fell in love / I knew I'd never want / I'd never want another one"

12. "Promise to Love Her" by Blane Howard

Lyrics you'll love: "I promise to love her / With everything I've got / I won't put anything above her / And I won't turn my back on her"

13. "I WILL, I SWEAR, I DO" by Caitlin Quisenberry

Text you'll love: "You can wrap my finger in a diamond ring / Or tie the knot with a piece of string / Baby if it means forever with you"

14. "IF YOU GO DOWN (I'M DOWN AUCH)" by Kelsea Ballerini

Lyrics you'll love: "It's good that we kind of drove each other crazy

15. "She Had Me At Heads Carolina" de Cole Swindell

Text you'll love: "Hey I got a Chevy she could flip a quarter / I'd take her anywhere from here to California"

16. "Take My Name (Wedding Version)" de Parmalee

Lyrics you'll love: "Take my hand, let me make yours mine / I'm done waiting, take your time / I never felt this way / Take my name and make it yours."

125 country wedding songs for every part of your special day (1)

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Prepare country wedding songs

You need serious interference in the background as you prepare to say "I do." Here are some great country wedding songs to put on your prep playlist.

17. „Fearless“ de Taylor Swift

Lyrics you'll love: "And I don't know how it gets any better / You take my hand and pull me headfirst, fearless / And I don't know why, but with you I would dance / In a storm in my best dress, fearless"

18. „Velvet Elvis“ de Kacey Musgraves

Lyrics you'll love: "All I ever wanted was something classy / The kind of love song that goes 'till the end of time / All I ever wanted was a little magic / With a good, pitch-black laugh." his eyes"

19. "Golden Love" de Maren Morris

Lyrics You'll Love: "I guess I always knew you had something more / When my stars burn with light, when my diamond loses its shine / Your golden love carries me through"

20. "This Feeling" de Kelsea Ballerini & The Chainsmokers

Lyrics you'll love: "They tell me to think with my head, not the thing on my chest / They put their hands around my neck this time / But you're the one I want, and if that's really so wrong." / So she doesn't know what that feeling is like"

21. "Faith" by Dolly Parton & Galantis

(Video) A Bishop and an Atheist Discuss Meaning | Within Reason Ep. 22

Lyrics you'll love: "Let me shine and shine / With your love and light and help me, / Any change I can make in this world today / Just show me the way"

22. „Dude! I feel like a woman" by Shania Twain

Lyrics you'll love: "The best thing about being a woman / Is the privilege of having a little fun (Fun, fun)"

23. "That Kiss" by Faith Hill

Lyrics you'll love: "It's the way you love me / It's a feeling like this / It's a centrifugal movement / It's an eternal bliss / It's that turning point / It's, oh, impossible / This kiss, that kiss"

24. "Cowboy Take Me Away" de The Chicks

Songtexte, die Sie lieben werden: „I want sleep on the hard ground / In the comfort of your arms / On a Pillow of Bluebonnets / In a Blanked of Stars“

25. "Stuck Like Glue" de Sugarland

Lyrics you'll love: "There you go, make my heart beat again / heart beat again, heart beat again / there you go make me feel like a kid / won't you do that and do that once / there you will pull." I will be back in a moment"

26. "This Is How We Roll" por Florida Georgia Line e Luke Bryan

Lyrics you'll love: "That's how we roll, whoa, whoa / We hang around, we sing it all on the radio / Whoa, whoa / We light it up with our hands up."

27. "The Good Guys" de Gabby Barrett

Lyrics you'll love: "Everybody can be good once / But he's good all the time / He's one of the good guys / And he's all mine"

28. "When It Comes to Loving You" by Jon Langston

Lyrics you'll love: "For when it comes to loving you / Yes, all my paths come together / Your touch in the dark / Lights a fire in my heart"

29. "My Girl" de Dylan Scott

Lyrics You'll Love: "Making all the boys wish you were with them / But I bet they don't see what I see when I see my girl"

30. "Hurricane" de Luke Combs

Lyrics you'll love: "Category 5 / With your smile / Surprise me"

country wedding ceremony songs

There are so many sweet country wedding songs suitable for your ceremony. This meaningful moment doesn't have to be solemn, so choose music that speaks to you. Many beautiful and heartfelt songs are perfect for marriageprocession, recession and interludes. Below are the best country wedding songs for your ceremony.

31. "Nice Every Time" de Lee Brice

Lyrics you'll love: "The love for me / Girl I see it in your eyes / That's beautiful, beautiful forever / Oh always"

32. "Golden Hour" de Kacey Musgraves

Lyrics you'll love: "Baby, don't you know? / That you're my golden hour / The color of my sky / You set my world on fire / And I know, I know everything will be alright."

33. "Bless the Broken Road" de Rascal Flatts

Lyrics you'll love: "As far as I know it's true / That God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you"

34. "All of It" de Cole Swindell

Lyrics you'll love: "I still like your kiss from this morning / Girl you say there's another one waiting / I hope it's a long dawn / I want all you've got"

35. "10,000 Hours" de Dan + Shay e Justin Bieber

Lyrics you'll love: "I'd spend ten thousand hours and ten thousand more / Oh, if that's what it takes to learn your sweet heart / And I might never make it, but I'll try"

36. "Valentine" by Jim Brickman & Martina McBride

Lyrics You'll Love: "All my life / That I've waited / For everything you've given me / You've opened my eyes / And shown me how to love selflessly"

37. "When I Said I Do" de Clint Black e Lisa Hartman Black

Lyrics you'll love: "When I said yes, I meant yes / 'Until the end of time / Be faithful and true, devoted to you / That's what I had in mind when I said yes'"

38. "Makin' Plans" by Miranda Lambert

Lyrics you'll love: "Cause I know you like the back of my hand / I've got a heart of gold and a piece of land / I'm your girl and you're my man / And we make plans"

39. "Lost in This Moment" by Big & Rich

Lyrics you'll love: "Lost in this moment with you / I'm all consumed / My feelings are so absolute / There's no doubt / Seal our love with a kiss"

40. "Look at Me" by Carrie Underwood

Lyrics you'll love: "I tell myself I'm in too deep / So I fall a little lower / Every time you look at me"

41. "Wanted" por Hunter Hayes

Lyrics you'll love: "Cause I want to hold you close / I want to kiss your lips / I want to make you feel needed / And I want to call you mine / I want to hold your hand forever"

42. "From This Moment" por Shania Twain & Bryan White

Lyrics you'll love: "I give you my hand with all my heart / I can't wait to live my life with you, I can't wait to get started / You and I will never part / My dreams came true because of you"

43. "Your Everything" de Keith Urban

Lyrics you'll love: "I want to be the wind that fills your sails / And be the hand that lifts your veil / And be the moon that moves your tide / The sun that rises in your eyes"

44. "First Love Song" by Luke Bryan

Lyrics you'll love: "This is my first love song / For the first time I felt the words / For the first time I sang along / Whenever it comes / I only think about you and everything you do"

45. "From the Ground Up" de Dan + Shay

Lyrics you'll love: "And we'll build this love from scratch / For better or for worse / And I'll be anything you need / By your side I'll be through thick and thin / We'll give it all we've got we have"

46. ​​"Yours", de Russell Dickerson

Lyrics you'll love: "But I came to life the first time I kissed you / The best of me put its arms around you / You make me better than I was before / Thank God I'm yours"

47. "Livin' On Love" de Alan Jackson

Letras que você vai adorar: "Livin' on love, buyin' on time / Nothing ain't worth a vime without someone / Just like a old-fashioned storybook rima"

48. "Take your time", Kelly Clarkson and Vince Gill

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Lyrics you'll love: "Stop every minute just because you're in it / I wish every day was Sunday, you're right next to me"

49. "Wanna Be That Song" de Brett Eldredge

Lyrics you'll love: "let me be the song that gets you high / makes you dance, makes you fall / this song takes you back years"

50. "Good Girl" de Dustin Lynch

Lyrics you'll love: "You're an angel, you're a guardian / That kind of thing you gotta complete"

Country Songs to Walk Down the Aisle

Walking down the aisle is a special moment when all eyes are on you, so make sure you walk along to music you enjoy listening to. Use these country wedding songs guaranteed to suit any mood.

51. "Caroline" by Colter Wall & Belle Plaine

Lyrics You'll Love: "Oh, how sweet when we meet / On the golden roads of the great wide valley"

52. "Hello Beautiful" de Noah Schnacky

Lyrics you'll love: "Stealing looks, you turned and caught me / I laughed and you smiled / And we took the chance to get a little while"

53. "You & Me", de James TW

Lyrics you'll love: "As long as I have you and me / Roaming this world like a two man team / I'll always have everything I need"

54. "Look at You" by Seth Ennis

Text you'll love: "Because you turn ordinary and everyday things into something beautiful, because you are beautiful"

55. "Take My Hand (The Wedding Song)" de Emily Hackett & Will Anderson

Lyrics you'll love: "I never really knew what love is / But whatever it is, I feel it in your kiss"

56. "Love is a Beautiful Thing" de Phil Vassar

Lyrics you'll love: "So let the angels gather / let the music play / let the preacher preach all you want"

57. "I Do" by Jessie James Decker

Lyrics you'll love: "What's mine is yours / And yours is mine / I love you until the end of time / I want to be with you forever"

58. "Our Kind of Love" de Lady A

Lyrics you'll love: "You wear a smile like a summer sky / Shining only on me and you / I swear your heart is a free bird"

125 country wedding songs for every part of your special day (4)

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Marriage Recession Country Songs

Start your honeymoon off with a bang by retreating down the aisle to your favorite music. Here are the best country wedding songs that will bring happiness to you and your partner.

59. "Getting to Me" de Caroline Jones

Lyrics you'll love: "You've changed darling / You look like me / We said it with our eyes, we don't need to speak"

60. "Born to Love You" de LANCO

Lyrics You'll Love: "I was born to love you, I was born to love you / I look into your eyes, yeah it's all so clear"

61. "This Girl" de Hunter Hayes

Lyrics you'll love: "How lucky am I to love that girl? (Love that girl) / I can see that side of her that nobody knows but me."

62. "Make It Sweet" de Old Dominion

Lyrics you'll love: "Cause I'm stuck with you, you're stuck with me / I never have to wonder where my girlfriend is"

63. "Make You Mine" de High Valley


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Songtexte, die Sie lieben werden: "You were made to shine under the southern stars / Pure as the mountain rain / You are the love song that comes out of this guitar"

64. "Your" by Russell Dickerson

Lyrics you'll love: "But I came to life the first time I kissed you / The best of me put its arms around you / You make me better than I was before / Thank God I'm yours"

65. "I Couldn't Ask For More" by Sara Evans

Songtexte, die du lieben wirst: „Looking into your eyes / Seeing everything I need / Everything you are / Is everything in me“

66. "Love Grows Wild" de Dierks Bentley

Lyrics you'll love: "Wild things grow in less than a little bit / And baby I know it will / You and me right in between / Where love grows wild"

67. "Until My Last Day" by Justin Moore

Lyrics you'll love: "Til my last day, until my last breath / Of all I can, I can love you better"

68. "Sim" de Chad Brock

Lyrics You'll Love: "Nothing else was on my mind / Except how she'd make me the man I want to be"

First Dance Country Wedding Songs

There are so many great country songs about all kinds of love, but what makes a good one?Country music for your first danceis one that expresses what it's like to spend your whole life with someone special. We've narrowed down a list of the best country dance songs from classic to modern.

69. "It's Your Love" de Tim McGraw e Faith Hill

Lyrics you'll love: "It's your love / It just does something to me / It sends a shock through me / I can't get enough"

70. "You Move Me" de Garth Brooks

Lyrics you'll love: "Oh, but you move me / Out of me and into fire / You move me / Now I'm on fire with love / And with hope and desire"

71. "You Had Me From Hello" de Kenny Chesney

Lyrics You'll Love: "Well, you got me from hello / I felt the love start to grow / The moment I looked into your eyes, you had me"

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72. "Die a Happy Man", Thomas Rhett

Text you'll love: "If I can never see the Northern Lights / Or if I can never see the Eiffel Tower at night / Oh, if all I have is your hand in my hand / Baby I could die like a man Lucky "

73. "So" by Brad Paisley

Lyrics you'll love: "Now you're my whole life / Now you're my whole world / I just can't believe it / How I feel about you girl"

74. "That's It", Scotty McCreery

Lyrics you'll love: "This is a time we won't forget (We won't forget) / On top of the world, here, together / If ever there was a time for a perfect kiss / This is it"

75. "Heaven" by Kane Brown

Lyrics you'll love: "You and me in this moment / It feels like magic, doesn't it? / I'm exactly where I want to be"

76. "Holdin' Her" de Chris Janson

Lyrics you'll love: "And, oh, when I hold her / It's like peace on earth / Where time stands still"

77. “Strawberry Wine” by Deana Carter

Lyrics you'll love: "Like strawberry wine and seventeen years / The hot July moon saw it all / My first taste of love, oh bittersweet / The green on the vine like strawberry wine"

78. "Johnny & June" de Heidi Newfield

Songtexte, die Sie lieben werden: „I wanna love like Johnny and June / Rings of fire burning 'with you / I wanna walk the line, walk the line / 'Til the end of time'

79. „As Jesus Does“ by Eric Church

Lyrics you'll love: "She forgives me when I can't / The devil, man, no he doesn't stand a chance / 'Cause she loves me like Jesus."

80. "Somebody's a Hero" by Jamie O'Neal

Lyrics you'll love: "It hurts to let your baby walk down the aisle / She walks right by / Looks back into her mother's eyes / And that smile lets her know / She's somebody's hero"

125 country wedding songs for every part of your special day (9)

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country dance songs for parents wedding

It doesn't matter if you intend to dancewith your mother,your fatheror a VIP in your life – this wedding moment will be exciting. To make it memorable, choose a country song that is meaningful and reflects the importance of your relationship. But get ready for one of the most exciting moments of the day.

81. "I'll Be" de Reba McEntire

Lyrics you'll love: "I'll be the rock that'll be strong for you / The one that'll hold you tight / When you feel like it's raining / When there's no one else around / I will be"

82. "I Hope You Dance" de Lee Ann Womack & Sons of the Desert

Lyrics you'll love: "Promise me you'll give faith a chance / And if you have a choice, sit down or dance / I hope you dance"

83. "Like My Mom Does" dirigido por Lauren Alaina

Lyrics you'll love: "She sees everyone for who they really are / I'm so grateful for her guidance / She helped me get this far"

84. “Mother Like Mine” de The Band Perry

Lyrics you'll love: "She's the sky that holds the clouds / She owns our house / We all need her / But nobody more than me"

85. "All-American Girl" de Carrie Underwood

Lyrics you'll love: "And now he's wrapped around her finger / She's the center of the whole world / And his heart belongs to that sweet little one / Beautiful, wonderful, perfect American girl"

86. "I Loved Her First" de Heartland

Lyrics you'll love: "From the first breath she took / From the first time she smiled at me / I knew a father's love runs deep"

87. "Don't Blink" de Kenny Chesney

Lyrics you'll love: "So I tried to slow it down / I tried to record it / In this world from here today tomorrow we'll live."

88. "It Won't Be Long" by Darius Rucker

Lyrics you'll love: "One day she'll be a teenager / And sometimes you'll think she hates him / Then he'll walk her down the aisle / And he'll lift her veil"

89. "I'll Be Your Man (Song for a Daughter)" de Zac Brown Band

Lyrics you'll love: "There was a time I thought I knew love / Until you came into this world / Time flies / But you'll always be my little girl"

90. "Heart to Heart (Stelen's Song)" de Toby Keith

Lyrics you'll love: "But if he cries, she'll face him in tears / If he laughs, she'll be grinning from ear to ear / If he's wrong, they'll stand up to him / She can pull you up beside him." "

91. "In My Mother's Eyes" de Willie Nelson

Text you'll love: "God's gift from above / True selfless love / I find it in my mother's eyes"

125 country wedding songs for every part of your special day (10)

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Country songs for wedding reception

if you doA great entry into your wedding party, then you probably want upbeat, festive music to announce your arrival (and that of your wedding party). Going in with some great country wedding music can put you and your guests in party mode and move from cocktail hour to the reception.

92. "Love Story" de Taylor Swift

Lyrics you'll love: "Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone / I'll wait, all that's left to do is run / You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess / It's a love story, baby just say it Yes'"

93. "One Thing Right" de Kane Brown e Marshmello

Lyrics you'll love: "You saw right through my pain / You held us patiently while I changed / It never occurred to you to walk away (walk away)"

94. "Lovin' You Is Fun" de Easton Corbin

Lyrics you'll love: "We're having so much fun together and it's only just begun / My heart has never smiled so much / Darling, loving you is fun / It's fun"

95. "Homegrown" de Zac Brown Band

Lyrics you'll love: "Got some good friends that live down the road / Got a pretty wife that holds me / Live in a small town that feels like home / Got everything I need and nothing I don't"

96. "Party People" the Florida Georgia Line & Jaren Johnson

Lyrics you'll love: "We spin to the street lights / Looking like Strobe Light / 'Till we feel alright / Gonna do this all night"

97. "Someone Like You" de Keith Urban

Lyrics you'll love: "I breathe deeper than ever / And it sure feels good to finally feel the way I do / And I wanna love somebody, love somebody like you"

98. "She's in Love with the Boy", directed by Trisha Yearwood

Lyrics you'll love: "She's in love with that boy / And even if they have to run away / She'll marry that boy one day"

99. "Forever and Ever, Amen" de Randy Travis

Lyrics you'll love: "If you're wondering how long I'll be faithful / I'll be glad to say it again / I'll love you forever and ever"

100. "Grow Old With Me" de Mary Chapin Carpenter

Lyrics you'll love: "Grow old with me / The best is yet to come / When our time comes / We will be one"

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125 country wedding songs for every part of your special day (11)

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Country songs for wedding reception

The best way to ensure your reception keeps the dance floor packed is with good music. That's why these country wedding songs should be on your must-have list.Choose a professionalwhose skills you trust, give them an idea of ​​the songs you like and let them go with them.

101. "The Bones" by Maren Morris

Lyrics you'll love: "When the bones are good, the rest don't matter / Yeah, paint can chip, glass can break / Let it rain 'cause you and I are still the same"

102. "Kick the Dust Up" de Luke Bryan

Songtexte, die Sie lieben werden: „Let's go where / There is no one / We turn this cornfield / Into a party“

103. "Why Don't We Just Dance?" by Josh Turner

Lyrics you'll love: "Down the hall, maybe up the stairs / Jump on the wall, float in the air / Baby why don't we dance"

104. "This Sounds A Lot Like Love" by Easton Corbin

Text you'll love: "Yes, I want to be here when the sun comes up / Share a first sip from your cup of coffee / And share one last kiss after the sun goes down"

105. "Ring of Fire" de Johnny Cash

Lyrics you'll love: "The taste of love is sweet / When hearts meet like ours / I fell for you like a child / Oh, but the fire ran wild"

106. "Let the Night On" de Sam Hunt

Lyrics you'll love: "Girl you got the killer beat in your Levis / High on your love got me buzzing like a streetlamp"

107. “Every Little Thing” by Russell Dickerson

Text you'll love: "Because I love every bit, every bit, every little thing of her love / Just a little bit, just a little bit, just a little bit is not enough"

108. "I Got Your Name On It" por Jade Eagleson

Lyrics you'll love: "I've got a seat on the porch for you girl if you can rock it / My beginning, my end, my heart, my hand / You can have it now if you want it."

109. "Stay My Love" de Una Healy

Lyrics you'll love: "'Cause I'd give you all my love / To the moon and back is not enough / Would you be my love?"

110. „Giving It All (To You)“ de Haley & Michaels

Lyrics You'll Love: "I'll fall in love for the first time / You'll show me what it's like / I'll walk like I've walked down the aisle all my life"


Owedding farewell songit's a chance to get racing and set the tone for a great match. You might choose a country ballad with sentimental lyrics to bring home all the emotions of the day, or choose a fast-paced hit so guests can have one last energetic dance before they depart. Get ideas for your last dance from our favorite country wedding songs below.

111. "Gone, Gone, Gone" de Phillip Phillips

Lyrics you'll love: "You are my backbone / You are my cornerstone / You are my crutch when my legs stop moving / You are my lead / You are my tough heart / You are the wrist that I have. " I always needed

112. "Honey Bee" de Blake Shelton

Lyrics you'll love: "You'll be my sunny day / I'll be your shade tree / You'll be my honeysuckle / I'll be your bee"

113. "These Last Days" by Lee Brice

Lyrics you'll love: "My favorite thing / I've been waking up to you lately / We talk ourselves to sleep again"

114. "Your Man" de Josh Turner

Lyrics you'll love: "I've been thinking about it all day / I've never felt a feeling so strong / I can't believe how much it turns me on / Just to be your man"

115. "True Believers" por Darius Rucker

Lyrics you'll love: "It wasn't easy getting here today / Sometimes you tripped or I got lost / But every obstacle was a chance to say / Take my hand, I'm here by your side"

116. "Just a Kiss" by Lady A

Lyrics you'll love: "Lying here with you so close to me / It's hard to fight these feelings when it seems so hard to breathe / I'm trapped in this moment / I'm trapped in your smile"

117. "Run With You" by Big & Rich

Lyrics You'll Love: "No matter where we go / Up a mountain, down a beach / Until we find the love we fell in love with"

118. "Millionaire" de Chris Stapleton

Lyrics you'll love: "I got a woman with eyes that shine / Deep down like a diamond mine / She's my darling so rare / She made me a millionaire"

119. "I'll Always Love You" by Dolly Parton

Lyrics you'll love: "I hope life treats you right / And I hope you have everything / What you've always dreamed of"

Cheerful country songs for the after party

A fast-paced playlist of your favorite dance hits is perfect for keepingwedding after partygo. This is also an opportunity for you to play some country wedding songs that aren't exactly grandparent approved. Get ready to kick off your shoes and dance with these party favorites.

120. "House Party" de Sam Hunt

Lyrics you'll love: "Let's have a house party, we don't need nobody / Turn off your TV, get that boombox / Let's wake up all the neighbors until the whole block hates us."

121. "Friends in Low Places" de Garth Brooks

Lyrics you'll love: "Blame it on my roots, I showed up in boots / And ruined your black tie affair / Last to know, last to show"

122. "Life's a Highway" de Rascal Flatts

Songtexte, die Sie lieben werden: "Life is a Highway / I want to ride it all night long / If you're goin' my way / I want to drive it all night long"

123. "Whatever She's Got" de David Nail

Lyrics you'll love: "And when she moves everyone's jaws drop / And I do it but I don't want her to stop / I want, I want, I want everything she's got."

124. "Down to Honkytonk" dirigido por Jake Owens

Lyrics you'll love: "Nobody's gonna name their babies after me / Maybe I won't go down in history / But I'll go for the honky-tonk"

125. "Somethin' Bout You" de Mickey Guyton

Lyrics you'll love: "Maybe it's the way I get lost in your eyes / But I can see forever when you give me that smile / There's something about you (Ohh-ooh)"


1. Scotty McCreery - Five More Minutes (Official Video)
(Scotty McCreery Official)
2. 210 Days How I Build Million Dollars Tunnel Water Slide Park into Swimming Pool House Underground
(Primitive Jungle Lifeskills)
3. My Summer Holiday 155 Days Building 1M Dollars Water Slide Park into Underground Swimming Pool House
(Primitive Jungle Lifeskills)
4. Adele - Chasing Pavements (Official Music Video)
5. Tiësto - 10:35 (feat. Tate McRae) (Official Music Video)
6. World's Hottest Hot Sauce | OT 27
(Dude Perfect)
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