20 Elegant Royal Blue Wedding Dresses - Weddings on a Magical Day (2023)

From your engagement to the days leading up to your wedding day, one of the most important things on your mind will beDress.Choosing and buying your wedding dress is a right of passage that many people look forward to.

5 amazing wedding dress ideas...

5 amazing wedding dress ideas that will make you swoon

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The only problem is that it can be difficult to find a dress that really suits you and your style.

There are literally millions of wedding dresses to try on and choose from, but amidst this wave of white, cream and ivory, you might not find one that really catches your eye.

So why not go for a bold color and try on a gorgeous royal blue gown? Now before you start thinkingbut i have to wear whitelet us convince you otherwise. White is the traditional color, but not every bride is a traditional bride.

You can have a colorful, bubbly, rebellious personality, and white is not a color you normally wear. If blue is your color, why not try wearing a blue dress to your wedding or incorporating shades of royal blue into your wedding theme for a regal look?

If you are not sure about this, our guide will help you. With 20 gorgeous royal blue wedding dresses to choose from, you're sure to find your perfect fit here. Read on to find out!

Why wear royal blue to a wedding?

While it may seem strange to wear anything other than a white dressdress up at your wedding todayThis was not the case years ago. The color chosen by brides was once blue.

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According to historical records, the first recorded wedding dress was blue, and this trend continued for many years.

Brides should wear blue as it symbolizes purity. In addition, the blue color had the function of warding off the evil eye, evil spirits and bringing good luck to the union.

The blue color represented love, purity and fidelity, which is why it was the color chosen by brides for many years and until the 19th century.

The first white wedding was actually between Queen Victoria and Albert in 1840. So when you put it that way, blue is the traditional color!

Another reason to wear royal blue to a wedding is if you don't like a white wedding dress but aren't sure which one would look best or appropriate.

A royal blue wedding dress would be bold, bold and inspiring that day, but it could also be yours.something blueFor good luck!

So with that in mind, are you ready to find your perfect royal blue wedding dress?

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royal blue wedding dresses for bride

Royal Blue Ball Gown: 0-30

If you are looking for a stunning prom dress with all the details and details, then this embroidered gown is a great choice.

With layers of tulle, full skirt, off-the-shoulder neckline, this dress will show your femininity. She also has a beautiful train for an added romantic look.

royal blue wedding dress: 0-28 (can be customized for plus size)

If you like drama, this is your wedding dress. This dress is a show in itself and is sure to leave you speechless. Crafted from luxurious taffeta and organza, this gown is layered and flatters any shape.

With one shoulder strap, this dress is available with a corset back, slides, and multiple neckline options; can be customized according to your needs.

Royal Blue Wedding Dress: 0-30

This beautiful dress is inspired by the stars in the sky. If you have your eye on your partner, this might be the dress for you.

Featuring a strapless design, built-in bra, and long train, this tulle gown will make you feel like royalty while looking like a princess.

Royal Blue Princess Wedding Dress: Made to Order

If you want to feel like Cinderella on your wedding day, this is your dress. This gown is done in a stunning deep royal blue that mesmerizes the eyes.

With pretty floral details, corset bodice, and flowing skirts, you'll feel like you're the bell of the prom in this gown.

Royal blue off-the-shoulder mermaid dress: 2-26 (can be customized)

This royal blue lace mermaid dress is one of a kind, featuring a sweetheart neckline and illusion long sleeves to make you look like you just stepped out of a fairy tale.

It's very fitted, but has a peplum for a flowy look and added drama.

Off Shoulder Royal Blue Dress: 0-26 (can be customized)

If you don't want something figure-hugging, this dress will make you feel like the ethereal beauty you really are. This chiffon and lace gown features a bow tie back, built-in bra, and falls to the floor for an elegant feel.

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With a ballgown silhouette, beaded and sequined bodice, it's sure to be the center of attention at your wedding.

Elegant Royal Blue Prom Dress: 0-26 (can be customized)

Do you prefer a traditional, more vintage look? This royal blue ball gown has an element of 1950s glam with its illusion scoop neckline and off-the-shoulder straps.

Crafted in elegant satin, this stunning blue gown is voluminous with a flattering skirt that stands out with sweeping pleats and an elegant length. For the ultimate elegance, choose this dress.

Strapless dress with beaded bodice: 0-24

Do you love drama? Why not try this beautiful beaded bodice strapless prom dress. The corset-style bodice and heart-shaped necklace are embellished with different shades of blue beading that flow into the flared skirt.

This is a real pitfall.

A-line lace dress: 0 – 26 (can be customized)

We all love A-line dresses. Flowy, ankle-length skirts and lace sleeves with an elegant sweetheart neckline, this dress has it all. Finished in feminine eyelash lace, with a plunging V-neckline and ruched bodice, this dress screams opulence.

Hollywood glamorous dress: Small - 6X

If you want to look stunning and glamorous like a Hollywood star, then this is the dress for you. With a column silhouette and sparkly gown, this is a bold choice.

This dress has a fitted bodice, with a plunging neckline, natural waist, and a knee-length split. It is impressive, formal and elegant.

vintage dress: 2 – 26 (can be customized)

Vintage lace never goes out of style. With a soft silhouette, this romantic dress has a V-neckline, short sleeves and a ribbon sash for a very sweet and subtle look. With a wide tail, it adds a touch of elegance and drama.

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beaded blue dress: 0-20

With embroidered lace, beaded details and a stretch cape, this is the dress for anyone looking to turn heads. This beaded royal blue gown has a flattering A-line silhouette, off-the-shoulder sleeves, and even haspockets!!

hug dress: 0 – 28

For elegant sophistication and a beautifully streamlined silhouette, this blue dress shows off the shoulders with the plunging neckline and short sleeves along with charming detailing.

Made in elegant lace, with beaded appliqués throughout the piece, it exudes maximum glamour.

royal blue dress: 0-26 (can be customized)

20 Elegant Royal Blue Wedding Dresses - Weddings on a Magical Day (1)

Do you want to channel Kate Middleton in a stunning floor-length dress? Look no further than this royal royal blue gown. Crafted from shimmering charmeuse, with a one-shoulder bodice, A-line skirt and cascading ruffles, you'll look and feel like a princess.

detailed blue dress: 0-26 (can be customized)

20 Elegant Royal Blue Wedding Dresses - Weddings on a Magical Day (2)

Maybe you want a royal blue dress but with a touch of white details to make it look more bridal. This is the dress for you.

With a daring slit to show off your legs and an embroidered bodice for a more bridal look, this is a beautiful gown that commands the mood. The top section is made with lace appliqués, while the skirts flow to add drama.

simple elegance: 0-26 (can be customized)

Not every bride wants a great ball gown style gown. If you are looking for simple elegance, you will find it in this elegant flared dress.

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With a softly pleated bodice and V-neckline to the front and back, you'll feel your shape is perfectly enhanced. Chiffon is an opulent touch, and this dress is a bestseller, as it suits all body types.

sparkly mermaid dress: 0-18

Now, we've saved one of the best for last. This sparkling dress makes you look like a mermaid rising from the sea. With a spectacular cut and mermaid shape, this dress is sure to highlight your curves.

Stunning in any dress, this shimmering masterpiece is sure to be a conversation piece. The asymmetrical neckline is glamorous, feminine, and eye-catching to say the least.

royal blue wedding guest dresses

Split V Neck Evening Dress

20 Elegant Royal Blue Wedding Dresses - Weddings on a Magical Day (3)

This dress exudes class and sophistication. It's a simple, floor-length dress with a ruched pattern at the front under the bust and at the waist for a flattering look. Available in sizes Small-XL.

Halter neckline sleeveless dress

If you want something elegant, with a mermaid cut that cinches at the waist, this dress is for you. The perfect wedding evening cocktail dress, especially if you want to show off your figure, available in sizes Small-XL.

Mother of the bride dress with lace appliqué

if you are themother of the bride, looking for something sophisticated, elegant, yet attractive and flattering, then this mother of the bride style dressit's lovely.

What does the royal blue color mean?

Colors can be interpreted in many different ways, as they all have deeper meanings behind them. For example, colors like red mean passion, lust, or fire, while black can mean death, evil, destruction, or darkness.

That is why some colors are considered inappropriate for a wedding.

On the other hand, colors like white or ivory symbolize purity, cleanliness, peace and harmony, which is why it is usually a popular color for weddings or baptisms.

A blue wedding dress can symbolize your femininity, but it also means stability, loyalty, security and protection, which are great qualities for your upcoming nuptials.

Royal blue got its name from its connections to the British royal family. That is why this color is often considered very majestic, powerful and authoritative.

Royal blue can also signify confidence, confidence, luxury, and trustworthiness. It's an invigorating color that really captures your audience. If these are qualities that align with your personality, then a royal blue dress might be perfect for you.

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Is it okay to wear royal blue to a wedding?

When it comes to weddings, there are so many traditions and expectations. So how about you wear blue to your wedding? Is it okay to wear blue as a bride or even as a guest? Let us answer these questions for you.

like the bride

It is absolutely normal to wear royal blue as a wedding dress. That's your wedding, it's your day, you can do whatever suits you!

It's your wedding day and you only have one chance, it's no use doing what everyone says or expects you to do. If you want to wear a royal blue wedding dress, then you must!

Also, blue wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular these days as they stand out from the crowd, are unique, and as mentioned above, historically speaking, blue was the color of choice for brides.

If you love being a little alternative, or if you're anything but traditional, then a royal blue wedding dress (see also:40 fantastic navy blue wedding dresses) should definitely be on your radar.

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What's more, if you ask your bride or guests to wear a certain color like black, you will really stand out and be the center of attention in your blue dress.

as a guest

As a guest, you can usually wear any color, as long as the color is approved by the bride and groom. Most people will tell you to avoid black or white, as black can be seen as depressing and white is usually reserved for the bride.

However, if the bride is wearing royal blue, it could be that royal blue is prohibited for anyone else as well.

Also, some couples ask their guests to wear black or white, especially if there is a focus color to make the bride and groom stand out from the crowd.

If you're not sure what to do, it's critical that you ask the bride and groom before purchasing or wearing their attire.

Although in general, if the wedding is traditional and the bride is dressed in white, a royal blue guest dress can look fantastic.


To sum it up, in this guide, we bring you some of the most beautiful royal blue dresses available on the market, as well as answer all your questions about the do's and don'ts of wearing royal blue to a wedding.

Royal blue is a very regal and striking color as it really draws attention. If you want to be an unforgettable bride, why not choose one of these stunning royal blue wedding dresses from this list?

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What does a royal blue wedding dress mean? ›

Traditionally the colour of good luck, blue signifies peace and purity. The bride who wears blue is just like calm water, life giving, and stable and endlessly loyal.

Can you wear a royal blue dress to a wedding? ›

Is royal blue OK to wear to a wedding? So, if you notice a repetitive royal blue or fern green, it's safe to say those are what the wedding party will wear. So choose colors that aren't too close to them. And, if you're wondering about a classic black dress, it's a safe and acceptable choice.

What is a royal train wedding dress? ›

This formal style extends six to seven-and-half feet from the waistline and has a dramatic feel. Also known as “royal” train, this very formal style flows 12 feet or more from the waist. Note: Unless the dress has a detachable train, consider a bustle for keeping it off the ground during the reception.

How much was Meghan Markle's wedding dress? ›

Duchess of Sussex

Meghan Markle's wedding dress is estimated to have cost £110,000, and the Duchess of Sussex paid for it herself. The timeless gown was the handiwork of Clare Waight Keller, of Parisian fashion house Givenchy, and the level of intricacy is surely reflective of its price.

What color goes best with royal blue for wedding? ›

The colors that pair well with royal blue include:
  • Gray.
  • Yellow.
  • Off-white or ivory.
  • Green.
  • Hot pink.
  • Gold.

What does wearing royal blue symbolize? ›

The color Royal Blue has regal associations thanks to its historical relationship with the British royal family. It often denotes authority, trust, and confidence, thus, it is used in many uniforms.

What colors Cannot be worn at weddings? ›

Traditionally, the only off-limits color for wedding guests has been white, for obvious reasons—no one wants to take attention away from the bride.

Can you wear silver shoes with royal blue dress? ›

Royal Blue Dress with Silver Shoes

Silver shoes and accessories look particularly fab with cobalt and other bright blue bridesmaid dresses or formal gowns. But they're also the perfect shoes to wear with a grey dress too! Purse color & jewelry tip: Matching silver heels with a silver clutch is lovely.

What colours go with blue for a wedding? ›

Wedding Colors with Blue
  • Monochrome: blue, bluer, bluest. ...
  • Contrasting Complementary: indigo and blush, dusty blue and rust orange. ...
  • Same-Shade Complements: navy and burgundy, peach and baby blue. ...
  • Bright and Saturated: aqua and tangerine. ...
  • Single Color: cornflower blue, turquoise, peacock blue, or dusty blue.
Apr 25, 2022

What does a dark blue wedding dress mean? ›

Colors have different meanings and a blue wedding gown suggests femininity and purity, plus it symbolize stability, security and lifelong loyalty.

What does a blue wedding mean? ›

"Something borrowed" from a happily married friend or relative was believed to bring good luck for the union and even fertility. The color blue was meant to ward off the evil eye, and it also stood for love, purity, and fidelity.

What does blue marriage mean? ›

Something new represents optimism for the future. Something borrowed represents borrowed happiness from another happily married couple or bride. Something blue represents purity, love, and fidelity and is also meant to ward off the Evil Eye, a curse that could make the bride infertile.

When a bride wears blue? ›

Wedding Traditions

Wearing a snippet of blue ribbon, or some other bit of blue about her gown, denotes purity, fidelity and love. It was also the color associated with the Virgin Mary.


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