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Looking for a creative way to announce if you're having a girl or a boy? Then consider making a gender reveal cake. The gender reveal cake has a colorful sponge inside, either pink or blue. Not only do these cupcakes look super cute, but they're also a delicious treat. We've found 41 of the best gender reveal cake ideas, and from cute animals to glamorous royal cakes, there's something for everyone.

1. Elegant His or Hers Macarons

First up, we have this elegant gender reveal cake idea. The cake has white frosting and is topped with pale pink and blue macarons. Finish off with his or her cake toppings. A cake like this would look great at a gender reveal party. You can make similar cakes, even layered cakes. To get an idea of ​​which gender a colorful cake is for, try pairing it with pastel colors on the outside.

2. Scan photos of cakes and cookies

If you're looking for unique cake ideas, this next option might be for you. Here we have a large cake and matching biscuits. All cakes are baby-themed, but some have special decorations. A special decoration is a scanned photo. You can use any image to create edible photos. A cake like this is sure to be a hit at a gender reveal party.

3. Sweet Cake "What Happens"

Next, we have a super cute bee themed cake. There is a honeycomb pattern on both floors, small bees on both floors, and a message that reads "What the bees will be". Since the outside of the cake is yellow, the gender remains a complete secret until the colorful sponge inside is revealed.

4. Is this a boy cake or a girl cake?

The cake will look amazing when it is painted with different colored icing. This gender reveal cake has beautiful blue and pink frosting. The colors are a mix of vivid and pastel shades. We love this simple but great idea. You can spread a similar frosting on any size and color of cake of your choice.

5. Fun Staches ili Eyelash Cake

Our next idea is creative, unique and fun. The cake is ice blue on one side and pink on the other. The blue side has bearded whiskers and the pink side has eyelashes. It's a great idea because it's different from the classic cake for girls or boys. If you're throwing a party, you can also ask your guests to guess mustaches or eyelashes.

6. Unique Question Mark Cake Ideas

Gender reveal is about mystery. Will it be a boy or a girl? That being said, there is a question mark over how good a gender reveal cake is. As you can see in the picture, the survey questionnaire decorated in pink and blue looks great. You can also buy cake tins with question marks on them so you can make your own.

7. Cake Ideas with Football and Ballerinas

Next, we have a fun cake idea. The round cake has a football theme on one side and a ballerina theme on the other. It's just a creative way to show off a classic boy or girl. You can be inspired by this and choose two activities or sports that you enjoy.

8. Sweet Open Cake

If you're looking for a really sweet cake, this idea might be for you. There are two elephants in the cake, one with pink balloons and the other with blue balloons. There is also a message on the cake that reads "He or she, open it and see". This tells anyone who sees the cake that the gender will be revealed through the sponge. You can use any animal for this cake.

9. Surprise from the inside out

You can add color to the sponge in the cake to show the baby's gender. Here's an example of a pink sponge revealing a little girl. Not only did they color the sponge, they added candy as a surprise. This is a great example of a gender reveal sponge, you can do the same with blue for boys.

41 Cute and Fun Gender Reveal Cake Ideas - StayGlam (9)


10. Pink and Blue Baby Shoes Cake Idea

Next, we have an idea for a fancy cake. The single layer round cake has white, pink and blue frosting and is topped with cute baby booties. One shoe is pink and the other is blue. Here's a creative way to decorate a gender reveal cake. You can recreate a cake similar to the one shown, or just design a shoe.

11. Pink and Blue Tota

If you're throwing a gender reveal party, your next cake idea might be perfect. The blue, white and pink cake has a cake topper that reads "Little Man or Little Miss" and "Team Blue, Team Pink". You can make a similar cake at a party and let your guests guess and choose the team before cutting the cake. A cake like this would be a fun and delicious treat.

12. Adorable Owl Gender Reveal Cake

Our next cake is so cute! This cake features two owls with the words "Guess Who?". We love this idea because it's a cute and creative take on classic gender revealing. You can take inspiration from it to design any owl on any size cake.

13. Pretty blue and pink ledena torta

There are so many amazing cake designs that can be created with icing. This next cake features blue and pink butter rose frosting. The roses on the cake look elegant and beautiful. You can make these roses any color. If you love to bake, you can try making a similar cake yourself.

14. Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Cake

"Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle Star" is a popular lullaby for babies, so it's no surprise it's popping up at baby showers and gender reveal parties. The cake has two tiny shoes on top and a message underneath that reads, "Little Twinkle Twinkle Star, we want to know who you are". This is a great gender reveal cake design.

15. Prince or Princess Cake

Next, we have an idea for a Charming Cake. This cake has two tiers and the top reads "Prince or Princess". There are also some small decorations on it. We love this cake idea because it's different from traditional girl or boy cakes. You can recreate something like this in any color scheme and cake size.

16. Blue and pink, that's... cake

Looking for a simple but sweet cake? Then this cake might be for you. The cake is round and has blue, pink and white icing and the words "it's...". We love this idea because you can't finish the sentence until the cake is cut and the gender revealed. This is a fun and creative idea.

17. Girl or Boy Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

The next gender reveal cake idea on our list looks too cute to cut. This white cake features pink and blue 'Boy' or 'Girl' words and the cutest baby decorations on top. This design will delight anyone who sees it.

18. Be creative. What are the cake ideas?

If you're looking for a fun and unique cake, this idea might be for you. The cake contains one pink ice cream and one blue ice cream. Below that is a message that says "what's the scoop". This is a very creative idea, since "report" means news, and everyone is waiting to hear whether the baby is a boy or a girl. We like this idea.

19. Adorable His or Her Gender Reveal Cake

Our next cake idea is so cute. Single layer cake with blue and pink polka dots and cute baby shoe decorations. You can take inspiration from this cake and recreate something similar, or you can add more flooring or try a different shoe design. This is a great cake idea for any gender reveal party.

20. Blue or Pink Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

Are you a football fan? Then this is the cake for you. The cakes shown demonstrate how to create a football theme for both boys and girls. The only difference is that one side is pink and the other is blue. It also has a cute message that reads "What do you think, blue or pink?". This is the perfect cake idea for anyone who loves football.

21. Two Layer Blue Powder His or Hers Cake

Last on our list is this two-tier his or hers cake. The cake is icy white with pink and blue spots and decorations. We love this cake idea because it's elegant, vibrant, and uses blue and pink in a creative way. Plus, if you add colored sponge cake to a white cake like this one, the color will pop.

22. Lovely Egg Cake

This cake is one of the cutest cakes we have ever seen! The cake was a hatched egg labeled "Susan or Benjamin". This is a really fun and creative idea. You can keep the outside neutral as shown and use a pink or blue sponge on the inside.

23. Prekrasna roza i plava torta

If you are looking for a gorgeous cake, this would be a great choice. This is a beautiful pink, blue and white cake with pretty baby themed decorations. There are prams, toys, flowers and blocks. This is an amazing cake that looks almost too good to eat!

24. Cake with his or her balloon

His or her balloons are popular at gender reveal parties. This cake takes this popular party idea and combines it with a cake. So you could have a pink and blue cake but use balloons to reveal the gender. You can use balloons on any cake.

41 Cute and Fun Gender Reveal Cake Ideas - StayGlam (24)


25. Sweet stork cake

Storks are another popular decorating idea at baby showers and gender reveal parties. Here's a super cute gender reveal stork cake. As you can see, the cake features a cute stork and a naked pink sponge. A cake like this would look great at any party.

26. Dr. Cake. susa

Are you a fan of Dr. Seuss? Then this cake is for you. The three-tier cake is colorful and filled with Dr. Seuss-inspired decorations. This is a fun cake that would look great at a gender reveal party. You can make a large cake like this or use the design on a smaller cake.

27. Regal Prince or Princess Crown Cake

Reveal your baby's gender in style with a royal cake like this one! The cake has three layers, the question is prince or princess? Finished off with an incredible golden crown. This is one cake that will please all your guests. You can put pink or blue sponges inside the cake, or try filling the cake with sweet treats.

28. His or her piece of cake

Next, we have a sweet cake inspired by baby toys. This cake has pink and blue hearts topped with baby pieces. The square says "He or She?". This is a lovely cake that would look great in any gender reveal. You can recreate this cake or add other decorations such as other toys.

29. It's a girl, it's a boy

Looking for a bold yet elegant cake? Then this might be perfect. The cake is white with blue and pink flecks and topped with macarons. Comes with a girl and a boy cake topping at the end. This is another cake that looks too delicious to eat.

41 Cute and Fun Gender Reveal Cake Ideas - StayGlam (29)


30. Mickey or Minnie Gender Reveal Cake

Disney fan? Then this cake is for you! One half of the cake is blue with Mickey on it and the other half is pink with Minnie Mouse on it. This is a super cute idea. You can recreate it or use a Mickey theme and create your own Disney style cake. We love this idea!

31. Beautiful Pink and Blue Cake

If you're looking for an easy gender reveal cake, then you should check out our next pick. The cakes are so pretty and vibrant. This cake is blue with a pink drip design. Finished with beautiful blue flowers. Cakes like this look fabulous for any party.

32. Lovely Hot Air Balloon Cake

Do you want a cake that will please all your guests? Then this cake is perfect! This cake is tall and has a beautiful hot air balloon design. The cake ends with an adorable baby in a little hot air balloon. This is a lovely cake, perfect for revealing gender.

33. Sweet Pink and Blue Cake

If you want to have all the fun of a pink and blue theme, then this cake is for you. This cake is blue with a pink drip design. The top is covered with candy and two plastic pacifiers filled with candy. This is a super cute cake idea that looks delicious.

34. Super Cute Duck Cake Ideas

Maybe you want a more fun and unique cake. If this sounds like you, then this cake might be just what you've been looking for. This is a beautiful white cake with pink and white frosting. The top features two adorable yellow ducks, a male and a female. It's just a creative idea that everyone will love.

35. Pokémon themed cake

Pokemon fan? Then you must check out this cake. This is a small cake, half blue and half pink. It has a hatching egg on top and features a Pikachu ornament. This is a fun cake, perfect for all expectant parents who love Pokémon.

36. Pink and Blue Balloon Cake

Next, we have another balloon cake. This is a delicate pink and blue cake topped with a clear balloon. The balloon is filled with pink and blue squares. Such a cake will look elegant and classy at any party. You can use clear balloons like these, or balloons with blue and pink ribbons or confetti.

37. Unique Pop Cake

Our next cake has more unique decorations. The cake is white and decorated with pink and blue biscuits. For this idea, you can make cake sponges instead of large cakes to reveal gender. That way, guests can simultaneously bite into the cake to reveal the gender.

38. Trendy Pink and Blue Cake

Looking for a stylish and unique cake? Then this is for you! This cake has a geometric and elegant shape. One half of the cake is blue and the other half is pink. It looks super cool at a party, and this one looks absolutely delicious!

39. Beauty and the Beast Cake

Next, we have another Disney-inspired cake. Half of the cake is yellow and half is blue. It read "Beauty or the Beast." This is a fun and unique way to reveal your gender. You can choose from blue or yellow sponges, or classic pink and blue. Try the Beauty and the Beast cake or choose another Disney movie.

40. Pink and Blue Gift Cake

What do the parties need? A gift of course! This is a beautiful gift cake. One half of the cake is blue and the other half is pink. It is beautifully decorated with white polka dots and a white bow. This would be great at any party!

41. Adorable Gender Reveal Cake

This cake was originally intended as a birthday celebration for a child, but we thought it would look great as a gender reveal cake. It has it all - beautiful decor, baby themed decor, and looks amazing. You could redesign it, but just add some pink accents to make it more gender revealing so guests can't tell the gender of the baby. We love this cake!

We hope you find the perfect cake!

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