Airbnb Rentals in the Picturesque Mountains of the Pacific Northwest (2023)

Airbnb Rentals in the Picturesque Mountains of the Pacific Northwest (1)

Want to enjoy that last bit of snow for a weekend of skiing or tubing? Or perhaps the ideal getaway is exploring the river trails surrounded by rainforest. Whatever your perfect mountain getaway, you don't have to break the bank to feel holiday.


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With an Airbnb rental in a scenic mountain location, you can feed the family home-cooked meals, tell bedtime stories over s'mores by the fire, and enjoy a holistic living experience in close proximity to area attractions. also withNew Airbnb security standardsOn site, your family can enjoy a private cabin away from other travelers.

Airbnb Rentals in the Picturesque Mountains of the Pacific Northwest (2)

Choose from mountain cabins and wooded retreats as you peruse these premium Airbnb mountain getaways.

Cozy cabins near Mount Rainier


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Enjoy a complete cabin all to yourself during your stayfillmore landingin Ashford, just four miles from Mount Rainier National Park. This A-frame cottage looks like it's straight out of a photo book. With a fully equipped kitchen and outdoor grill, home-cooked meals are easy to prepare while you relax between national park adventures. That outdoor hot tub? It's perfect for relaxing after a long walk in the woods.

Families looking for a quiet, spacious cabin will find plenty of room to spread out here.Cozy River Cabin on Mount Rainier. Tucked away between the Cowlitz River and Coal Creek, this Packwood A-frame cabin is ideal for woodland trail hikes. As the sun goes down, enjoy the riverside fire pit to roast s'mores with the kids.

Combine outdoor adventures with a romantic retreatKabine 135 am Mount Rainier. Ideal for couples, this whole-home experience has a rustic charm accentuated by modern touches like a stunning stone shower and inviting outdoor hot tub. Enjoy cozy evenings by the fireplace and listen to records provided by the hosts.


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Hit the slopes or enjoy the family-friendly tubing hill near Mount Rainier during your Airbnb stay near Mount RainierWhite Pass Ski Area. Or enjoy day hikes inTrails of Mount Rainier. While it's possible to cook at home on your Airbnb, take advantage of local restaurants to fuel up on breakfast burritos.White Pass Taqueria + beer gardenor enjoy a romantic dinner with wine outsideDas Alpengasthof-Restaurant.

Cozy retreats near Olympic National Park

From here you can enjoy the picturesque view of the lake shore.delicious hiding placeadjacent to Lake Sutherland, west of Port Angeles. With access to a shared dock, guests have instant access to kayaking and paddling adventures. Greater Crescent Lake, the Marymere Falls Hiking Trail and the Spruce Railroad Trail are just a few miles down the road, though you might be tempted to just enjoy a lazy day indoors by the wood stove.

If solo travel or a getaway for two is right for you, check in yourselfPNW modern tiny house on hobby farm. This Forks-area retreat is just 30 minutes from Olympic National Park, yet close to area shops and services, leaving you ready enough to enjoy a charming farm with ewes and lambs as neighbors. This small house becomes spacious when relaxing by the outdoor fire pit.

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Airbnb Rentals in the Picturesque Mountains of the Pacific Northwest (4)

Expand your family of fourbeaver's lair, a charming cabin-style trailer in Beaver, Washington. The property is just ten minutes from Forks, with nearby day trips including the Hoh Rainforest and Cape Flattery hiking trails. Or enjoy a scenic drive to Sol Duc Hot Springs, just 38 minutes away. The kids will enjoy a game of cornhole provided by the host while everyone gathers around the outdoor fire pit.

While in the area, hike trails in the area.near the bay, enjoy scenic drives along theolympic peninsula, or try theTide Pools National Parkon a quiet ride. For fresh, home-cooked meals at your Airbnb, stop by year-roundFarmers Market em Port Angeles.

Stunning Retreats near Mount Hood


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At first sight,to rest areain Mount Hood Village feels like a small home, but thanks to its sleek design and modern touches, this "contemporary rustic" cabin can easily accommodate a small family with plenty of social space. Parents can hide away in the upper attic while the little ones sleep on two double sofa beds downstairs. Plus, you won't be spending a lot of time indoors, as the Sandy Ridge hiking trails are nearby, while Mount Hood is only a 15-minute drive away.

If you've always wanted to write the great American novel,cedar cabinin Clackamas County might be the perfect place to start your story. This postcard-perfect cabin in the woods oozes rustic charm, complete with an outdoor fire pit. Disconnect from the world here without TV or Wi-Fi, and you can start writing this masterpiece.

Airbnb Rentals in the Picturesque Mountains of the Pacific Northwest (5)

If modern charm is a must, book your stay atKlaus' housein rhododendron. Redesigned with architectural artistry in mind, the open floor plan meets a small outdoor patio to expand your lounging options after a day of outdoor adventures. Admire the spiral staircase, warm up by the cast-iron fireplace and use the Wi-Fi to share photos of your unique stay.


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Enjoy a sunny day playingThree Nines Golf Coursein near welsh or lower the slopesMount Hood-Skibowl. Or enjoy the picturesque view as you walkSalmon River trailand head to the historic Devil's Peak Lookout. to diveDragonfly Café and Bakeryfor crackers and gravy before a day sailingMountain biking trails at Sandy Ridge.

Comfort Cottage near Mount Baker

Right off Highway 20 on concrete,Sauk hut on the mountainit's a great base camp for exploring the Skagit Valley and accessing Mount Baker and the North Cascades National Park. Morning sips of coffee are accompanied by beautiful views, as the private home is surrounded by evergreen trees, while dahlias bloom in summer. Guests have full kitchens, but plan to disconnect during this getaway without TVs or Wi-Fi.

from the north side,Escape to Mount Bakerit's a cozy cabin within walking distance of downtown Glacier. Suitable for small families, this 1920s cottage features an outdoor hot tub and fire pit. Forest walks can start at the property, though Mount Baker is just a 25-minute drive away and guests can find ski vendors in town for family adventures on the slopes.

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Airbnb Rentals in the Picturesque Mountains of the Pacific Northwest (6)

Em Deming,Cedar Point-Kabineit has all the charms of a rustic retreat, but modern touches make this home an elegant retreat. Gather around the fireplace in the spacious family room or soak in the hot tub on your private patio. As part of the Snowline gated community, guests can enjoy the community pool and outdoor tennis court, while trails allow for year-round outdoor exploration.

Expand your family fun in the Mount Baker area by walking through mature treesMount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, run down the slopesMount Baker ski resort, or explore the rainforest and riverbeds along theBaker-River-Trail. After an adventurous day, stop in naturethe north forkfor small-batch beers and hand-made pizzas.

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