Best Chocolate Strawberry Delivery Services of 2023 (2023)

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Chocolate Strawberry Delivery delivers juicy chocolate strawberries straight to your door. They make gift giving easy - even if you're giving it to yourself.

The best chocolate strawberry delivery service uses the highest quality, tastiest fruit along with a variety of chocolates to suit every taste. Some also have special decorations added, such as chocolate topping or customization for special occasions. These services deliver your order quickly so you can enjoy the freshest strawberries.

The 8 Best Chocolate Strawberry Delivery Services of 2023

Best Chocolate Strawberry Candy Delivery Service

Best Chocolate Strawberry Candy Delivery Service

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  • eating arrangement
  • Sally's Berry
  • Goldbelly - a company full of chocolate
  • Amazon - Golden State Fruit
  • Godiva
  • Mrs Fields
  • Trugo
  • gourmet gift basket
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best all-rounder :eating arrangement

main specifications

  • price:Starting at $40 with flat shipping of $9.99
  • Estimated delivery time:flexible delivery date
  • Availability:Sweena Rodney

why you should try it

This fruit gift company offers 13 hand-dipped strawberries to customize a box of your favorite flavors.

Zay Protif


  • Check box option and create your own

  • Variety of flavors to choose from

  • flat rate delivery fee

be opposed to

  • Does not include shipping

  • No replacement in selected box

  • no six options


Tariq Farid, 17, bought a local florist with a family microloan after working at McDonald's. Farid proved to be a precocious entrepreneur, and he quickly expanded to four stores. Fourteen years later, those seeds bore fruit, and Farid created Edible Arrangements, a franchised food business targeting the gifting market. Edible Arrangements currently has more than 1,200 locations worldwide.

Edible Arrangements stands out for its wide selection, great value, and flexible delivery. In addition to the floral-inspired designs, Edible Arrangements also offers a variety of handmade chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Unique options include Strawberry Shortcake Cookie Boxes (white chocolate-dipped strawberries topped with graham cracker crumbs and packed in strawberry shortcake) and Create Your Own Boxes, which you can fill with a variety of chocolate-covered fruit, including 13 Different types of hand dipped strawberries.

For the Create Your Own Box, you can choose up to four different flavors of dipped strawberries per box.

Edible Arrangements offers $9.99 flat rate shipping to areas where there are local franchisees, and also ships via UPS to almost anywhere in the US.

best for all occasions :Sally's Berry

main specifications

  • price:Starting at $40, plus shipping or handling
  • Estimated delivery time:1 to 3 days
  • Availability:Sweena Rodney

why you should try it

Shari's Berries specializes in chocolate-covered strawberries, offering custom boxes for special occasions like birthdays and baby showers.

Zay Protif


  • Available in dark, milk and white chocolate

  • Custom options for many special occasions

  • Half Dozen, One Dozen and Two Dozen Options

be opposed to

  • Not all items can be ordered in half or two dozen

  • Membership required for free shipping

  • Impossible to create your own


Shari's Berries is part of 1-800-Flowers, which owns several brands including Harry & David,, 1-800-Baskets, and more. Among these brands, there are dozens of options for chocolate-covered strawberries.

Choose berries with letters that spell out different messages, berries covered in edible glitter, or berries served with cheesecake. and colorful,infused champagne, strawberries covered in white chocolate, and even emoji and ladybug strawberries.

Prices and shipping options vary. Some orders are fulfilled by local stores, while others have to be shipped from far away overnight. Expect to pay $50+ unless you are already a Celebration Passport holder. For an annual fee of about $20, passport holders get free nationwide shipping on eligible items.

Best for savory fillings :Goldbelly - a company full of chocolate

main specifications

  • price:From $75 per dozen
  • Estimated delivery time:2 giving
  • Availability:Sweena Rodney

why you should try it

The Chocolate Covered Company takes an already decadent treat to the next level with rich, delicious ingredients.

Zay Protif


  • free shipping

  • reasonable price

  • big choice

be opposed to

  • No overnight delivery option


The Chocolate Covered Company (available through Goldbelly), as the name suggests, offers a plethora of sweet treats, but the chocolate covered strawberries are especially noteworthy. While you can order milk, dark, or white chocolate strawberries, you can also order the Ultimate Chocolate Strawberry Bundle and have the berries wrapped in a peanut butter cup, pecans, and cookie crumble. These special berries start at $75 for a dozen, but you can get 24 for $114 with just about every topping imaginable, all thoughtfully packaged in a gift box for that extra special touch.

best budget :Amazon - Golden State Fruit

main specifications

  • price:$36.51 for Prime members with free shipping
  • Estimated delivery time:2 giving
  • Availability:Sweena Rodney

why you should try it

You can choose from a variety of priced strawberry jams, including Golden State Fruit Company's highly acclaimed offering.

Zay Protif


  • Available in varying quantities, not the standard dozen

  • Variety of chocolates and toppings to choose from

  • Free Fast Shipping for Premium Members

be opposed to

  • Impossible to build your own

  • An annual fee is required to qualify for free shipping

  • Unable to choose an exact delivery date


Amazon offers just about everything, including of course chocolate covered strawberries. There are good prices here.

Golden State Fruit offers Chocolate Strawberries, including standard berries covered in white, dark, and milk chocolate, as well as strawberries covered in chocolate and chopped nuts. Free shipping for Prime members.

Golden State Fruit brings you the best prices here. You can buy a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries from the Golden State for under $40 with free shipping.

best gift box :Godiva

main specifications

  • price:Starting at $42, plus $20 shipping
  • Estimated delivery time:1 and
  • Availability:Sweena Rodney

why you should try it

If the quality of your chocolate is as important to you as the quality of your berries, then you'll want to choose one of Godiva's luxurious gift boxes.

Zay Protif


  • Available in dark and milk chocolate

  • There are six orders to choose from

  • High quality chocolate with great taste

be opposed to

  • more expensive than other options

  • Strawberries are not eligible for the free shipping offer

  • Only two flavors to choose from


Founded in Belgium in 1926, Godiva was appointed as the official chocolatier of the Belgian royal family in 1968, thus establishing its golden reputation for quality and luxury. Godiva is arguably one of the most recognizable chocolate brands in the world, and its beautiful golden box heralds the luxurious jewels contained within.

When it comes to covered strawberries, Godiva only offers three options: milk strawberries, black strawberries and mixed strawberries, for a total of six options. You're not here for the nuts, crunchy cookies, emojis, or sugary drinks: You're here for the brand name and shiny gold container to let recipients know how much you appreciate them.

About $42 for a half pack of soaked strawberries, plus shipping. A dozen cost about $80. Ships to residential addresses in all 50 states. There are only four shipping options: Standard, Next Day, Next Day, or Saturday. Shipping costs about $20 for a half-dozen of strawberries, and about $5 for another half-dozen. Saturday overnight delivery is slightly more expensive.

Best Sneaky Surprise :Mrs Fields

main specifications

  • price:Prices start at $30, about $26 with shipping
  • Estimated delivery time:1 and
  • Availability:48 countries

why you should try it

As it turns out, this popular cake company can also be your source for chocolate-covered strawberries, available in a variety of flavors.

Zay Protif


  • We offer dark, milk and white chocolate

  • Festive decorating options with fun colors and ingredients

  • sixteen options

be opposed to

  • Can't create my own box

  • Can't customize the selected box

  • Additional charges apply for delivery


Mrs. was founded in 1977 in Palo Alto, CA. Fields originally focused on homemade, fresh-baked cookies, but the brand has since expanded into soft-frozen yogurt and now general gifting. When you send Mrs. Fields a box, the recipient thinks of cookies. They'll be amazed when they open the lid and discover beautiful berries.

But Ms. Fields isn't trying to innovate chocolate-covered strawberries. As with buying Godiva, you're here for the brand, not the choice. Ms. Fields is a well known and recognizable name that is loved by many, and the vibe is more casual and fun.

All the hottest products are here: You can get milk berries, dark and white chocolate, garnished with standard toppings, nuts and more. You might also want to throw in cookies and crackers, just in case.

A half-dozen of Strawberry Lady Fields retails for about $30, and a dozen sells for about $40, or about $45, depending on whether they contain nuts, caramel, etc. As usual, Mrs. had chocolate strawberries. Fields can ship overnight nationwide (except Alaska and Hawaii) for about $26.

most unique :Trugo

main specifications

  • price:$39 with free shipping
  • Estimated delivery time:unavailable
  • Availability:Sweena Rodney

why you should try it

When it comes to chocolate strawberry gifts, think outside the box and try these freeze-dried treats.

Zay Protif


  • long shelf life

  • free shipping

  • Possibility to subscribe

be opposed to

  • Estimated delivery time not found on website

  • only two flavors

  • Delivery Monday-Wednesday only


Tru Fru earns its place on this list by offering delicious dishes with a difference. Tru Fru Strawberries are freeze-dried to retain the fruit's shape, fresh flavor and nutrients. They're then wrapped in dark chocolate and sealed in treat bags for ready-to-serve enjoyment.

Unlike chocolate-covered fresh strawberries, Tru Fru berries have a long shelf life. While calories are still the enemy of these chocolate treats, expensive overnight shipping isn't necessary. A box of six bags sells for about $39, with free shipping. It may not have the brilliance of a Godiva box, but the enjoyment and price is definitely competitive. Tru Fru ships to the lower 48 states every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

best breed :gourmet gift basket

main specifications

  • price:Starting at $35, including $17 ($25 per night)
  • Estimated delivery time:1 and
  • Availability:Sweena Rodney

why you should try it

Whether you love the sweetness of white chocolate or crave a holiday theme, has you covered.

Zay Protif


  • great seasonal option

  • it offers a white chocolate option

  • next day delivery available

be opposed to

  • only available in increments of 6 or 12

  • Some delivery restrictions for summer


And if chocolate-covered strawberries aren't enough, also offers plenty of gourmet options. Choose from fresh strawberries covered in white chocolate, sea salted caramel, and milk chocolate, or decorated as festive decorations. There are even 'thank you' and 'happy birthday' strawberries to choose from to make people smile.

A half-dozen of chocolate-covered strawberries starts at $35 and will cost $25 for overnight delivery (although that's a small price to keep fresh). Because offers more than just chocolate-covered strawberries, you'll also find wine, cheese, and other gifts on the site.

Compare the best chocolate strawberry delivery services

societyprice per dozenEstimated delivery daysavailabilityAccessories
eating arrangement best all-rounder$40 plus flat $9.99 shippingflexible delivery dateSweena RodneyToys, Balloons, Party Wraps
Sally's Berrybest for all occasions$40 plus shipping or handling1 to 3 daysSweena Rodneythe flowers
Goldbelly - a company full of chocolate Best for savory fillings$75 per dozen2 givingSweena Rodneygift message
Amazon - Golden State Fruit best budget$36.51 for Prime members with free shipping2 givingSweena RodneyOther items on Amazon
Godiva best gift box$42 plus shipping1 andSweena Rodneychocolate
Mrs Fields Best Sneaky Surprise$30 plus shipping about $261 and48 countriesbaked goods
Trugo most unique6 bags for $39 with free shippingunavailableSweena Rodneyother freeze-dried fruit
gourmet gift basket best breed$35 for six dozen1 andSweena Rodneypersonalized note

frequently asked questions

  • How long can chocolate strawberries keep without refrigeration?

    Chocolate Strawberries arrive fresh and ready to eat. If you plan to store them, they can be kept fresh for two to three days in the refrigerator.

  • How should I store chocolate covered strawberries?

    if you plan to eatStrawberry ChocolateStore on a countertop lightly covered with foil or plastic wrap within 24 hours of delivery. If storing in the refrigerator, place a few paper towels in the bottom of the container to absorb moisture. Then place strawberries in a single layer and cover loosely with foil or plastic wrap to serve within 48 hours.

  • What Happens If You Freeze Chocolate Strawberries?

    Chocolate-coated strawberries can be kept in the refrigerator for up to three months. When you're ready to eat, eat frozen or thaw in the fridge for about an hour. You don't want to thaw them completely as they may turn mushy.

  • Why are my chocolate covered strawberries leaking?

    Leakage or sweating of chocolate strawberries is the result of moisture condensation in the strawberries. To prevent leakage, strawberries should be completely dry before dipping in chocolate and stored in a cool, dry place.


When we reviewed chocolate strawberry delivery services and compiled this list, high-quality berries along with delicious chocolate were top of mind. Flexible shipping times and delivery at an affordable price are very important as these items are often given as special occasion gifts.

We evaluated customer reviews and noted the variety of flavors each company offers. Some people like white, dark, or milk chocolate, while others enjoy fun additions like chocolate chips and crushed pretzels. With all of these factors in mind, we've compiled a range of options to suit the different needs of gifting chocolate covered strawberries.

Best Chocolate Strawberry Delivery Services of 2023 (9)


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