Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Ideas Edible Images Cake Toppers Personalized Birthday Sheets Custom Party Decorations Icing Transfers (2023)

Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Ideas Edible Images Cake Toppers Personalized Birthday Sheets Custom Party Decorations Icing Transfers (1)

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Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Ideas Edible Images Cake Toppers Personalized Birthday Sheets Custom Party Decorations Icing Transfers (2)

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Impress all your guests and special someone with our high quality edible cake toppings that will make your memories last!

Our premium edible cake toppings may be the perfect finishing touch you can have for any special occasion.

So why are our edible image prints so much better than the rest?

Designed with the help of real graphic designers with over 15 years of experience, our edible cupcake toppers are the most impressive on the market, better than any other competitor. It will look sensational when presented to family and friends. Our skills and customization are incredible, going beyond the usual photo editing features you'd usually find in other edible photo services.

But it's not just about the visuals, it's also about the quality of the glaze and the high quality edible inks we import directly from Germany. We were actually involved in formulating the product to ensure the results are outstanding and virtually unrepeatable!

Again, all our edible printables are made with natural ingredients and all our edible cupcake toppings use the finest allergen, dairy, nut and gluten free frosting flakes and the highest quality exclusively made in Germany edible ink.

(1/8 cake slice is approximately 8" x 5")
(1/2 cake slice is approximately 16"x11")
(1/4 cake pan is approximately 8"x11")

They can be applied to all types of media:• Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pop cakes • Cream • Royal icing • Chocolate (poured or preformed) • Fondant • Isomalt • Ice cream etc.

These glazes are easy to use. Simply remove the edible cake filling from the bottom and place it on top of the cake. We will send you the detailsstep by step instructionswith your order. Cake slices should not be stored in the refrigerator, but should be stored in a cool, dark place, sealed in a plastic bag to protect from moisture and light. sheets canlasts up to 12 monthsWhen properly stored.

Place frosting in a ziplock bag on a flat surface until ready to use.They don't need to be refrigerated!Keep the painting at room temperature, away from direct light.

Copyright Disclaimer:Characters or personalities used in designs are not for sale. They are free and used only to personalize your party items. I do not claim ownership of these authorized roles. They are for personal use only and for one-time entertainment only. They only keep for a few hours after being placed on the cake and are not suitable for keeping as souvenirs. All rights and titles remain with their respective owners.

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    Advice on storing, manipulating and applying edible images

    The image is imprinted on the actual glaze layer with edible ink. The glaze is held in place by a plastic backing, which you'll need to remove before applying the image to the dessert. Glazed images have only 1 plastic backing, once this backing is removed, it is ready to use.

    Storage:Keep frosting sealed in the included ziplock bag until you are ready to use. Store flat on a shelf at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Glaze flakes have a shelf life of about 24 months if stored properly.

    indeedNoPut the painting in the refrigerator or freezer, as this can cause air bubbles to form and dry out the painting, which can cause the painting to crack.

    Image cutting:If you ordered the image sheet uncut or need to crop the image, simply cut it with clean scissors before removing the plastic backing.

    When to register:If you are using buttercream or another harder icing, you can attach the photo at your convenience, but no later than 48 hours before the event. Depending on how wet the icing is, the image will start to fade from the excess moisture. If you're concerned about fading, place the image on the cake within an hour of the event.

    How to register:indeedNoLet the water come into contact with the edible image before or after the cake. The paper will melt and ruin the print. Before working with images, make sure your hands are clean and dry. Your icing must be fresh. If your icing dries out, spray a fine mist of water over the icingNoimage, and then apply the image to the icing. Do this if your treat has a wet surfaceNoAdd extra moisture. Using too much water can cause the colors to bleed and melt your painting.

    Edible images cannot be moved after being applied. Plan where you want to place the image. Gently place the image face up on the edge of a table or work surface to release the image from the plastic backing, then roll the backing tightly over the edge of the table to release the image. Never pull on the image itself as it may tear.

    Place the edible leaf with the image on top of the icing, holding the ends and dabbing from the center towards the ends. Gently flatten the edible image, making sure the edges touch the icing. If image bubbles after applyingtap lightly(DoNorub) a picture. The image will take 20-30 minutes to melt into the glaze (could take longer) depending on the glaze, so give it time and be patient. If you touch it, it leaves fingerprints like frosting. Add tassels or trim of your choice to finish.

    You can store the finished dessert in the refrigerator so the picture will stay moist and crack-free until serving. Avoid excessive exposure to UV rays. As with any food coloring, images may fade over time.

    Used in:

    You can apply any colored icing, but keep in mind that dark colors (chocolate, etc.) may show through the image. In this case, I recommend placing the image on a thin sheet of fondant and then placing it on top of the frosting.

    Butter and Cream Frosting- Apply the image immediately after icing the cake. After 15-30 minutes, the butter glaze will form a thin crust. If a crust has formed on the cream, before applying the image, spray with an aqueous solution of caster sugar or frequently drizzle with corn syrup.

    whipped dressing– Do not add extra moisture. Due to the high water content of whipped cream, edible images should be applied as close to serving time as possible. Any type of glaze with a very high water content will usually cause bleeding. A thin layer of cream can be added where the image is placed to avoid bleeding/fading.

    ice cream cake- If you are applying the image to an ice cream cake with a dairy free whipped topping, please do soNoAdd more water. If applying the image directly to the ice cream, it is best to let the ice cream "sweat" a little before applying the image, or to spread milk on top of the ice cream before applying the image. If you're using soft serve ice cream, you'll get better results by applying the image when the ice cream is soft and then freezing it. If bubbles appear in the image after application or during freezing,tap lightly(DoNorub) a picture. If the decorated cake is frozen, thaw slowly, preferably in the refrigerator. As with any food coloring, images may fade over time.

    sugar paste or fondant– Use a small brush to apply water only where you want the image to be placed. Water outside the image area may leave marks on the fondant (although it will dry and return to its normal color).

    meringue icing- It is best to apply the image immediately after the product has been glazed, as it has not yet fully hardened. If not, add a generous mist of water to the royal icing before applying the image.

    sprinkled with chocolate or ganache- Pour the glaze over the product, then apply the image while the glaze is wet. Let the image be placed before scrolling.

    plain/purchased icing– If you are using store icing or icing that has been stored in the refrigerator, take it out and mix in a bowl until soft and creamy. You may need to spray the top of the layered icing with sugar water to make it more moist for the icing.

    frozen cake– Thaw slightly before freezing to avoid cracking, then apply the image. If the decorated cake is frozen, thaw slowly, preferably in the refrigerator, uncovered to avoid bleeding and sweating.

    biscuit– There are many ways to decorate the cookie stickers. Regular icing, icing sugar, royal icing, or corn syrup diluted with a little water will adhere the image to most cookies.

    Oreo Cookies– Spread corn syrup diluted with a little water over chocolate chip cookies and place edible images on top.

    Hard Candy Lollipop- Lightly coat the lollipop with corn syrup diluted with a little water and paint the image on top.

    chocolate-Corn syrup, diluted with a little water, works well, spread on chocolate bars, or heat chocolate with a hair dryer for about 20 seconds. Put edible images on top.

    Tips and Tricks:

    Remove paper that appears to be stuck to the backing: Pull the backing over the sharp edge of the tabletop a few times. This technique will help the image stand out from the background.

    If it fails, the humidity is too high. Exposure to high humidity can cause the glaze to absorb moisture and stick to the bake, making it difficult to peel off.

    If you feel that way, don't try to peel off the glaze. It might make you cry.

    Please try the following:

    Place the paper on a baking sheet and place it in a warm dry oven at about 85°F for about 8-10 minutes, after which the image will usually come off the backing easily. (This method really works best) Or blow the front and back of the pad with a hair dryer. Tumble dry on high heat in circular motion, about 60 seconds per side. Do not place it near dry. Repeat, if necessary, until the paper stiffens slightly. Then the base can be easily removed.

    Place frosting sheets in dry freezer for about 30 seconds. In high humidity, you may need to leave longer, about 1-1.5 minutes. It should be removed immediately after being removed from the refrigerator.

    delivery details

    We ship Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from Miami, FL 33122. Orders sent and received in our system before 15:00. EST usually ships the same day. Usually orders are sent after 15:00. EST will ship the next business day. Orders placed outside of business hours (Saturday, Sunday, holidays and Monday-Friday after 3:00 pm EST) will be processed the next business day (Example: Friday 3:00 pm EST Orders placed after ) will ship the following Monday). Shipping times typically take 4-7 business days to the Pacific Coast and 1-5 business days to the East Coast. Shipping times are not guaranteed and shipping charges are non-refundable.

    Store images in a sealed bag, then in an A4 hardcover envelope (do not fold), taking extra care not to damage the item. This should be possible via regular mailboxes.

    USPS First Class usually takes 4-7 business days to arrive. We cannot guarantee your delivery date unless you select "Next Day Delivery" or "Next Day Delivery" during checkout (see below). We are not responsible for extreme weather conditions, postal strikes or other issues related to An Post.

    When can I order?

    The ideal time is 1-2 weeks before the event. The cake topper has a shelf life of up to 12 months, but we think the color will be most intense if stored a month or less in advance.

    We will always do our best to accommodate late orders, we know how busy life can be and some things may be forgotten. However, please read our delivery details to decide which delivery option is best for you to ensure your cake toppers arrive on time unless you have selected our next day or other delivery options at the box office. day, otherwise we cannot be responsible for the postage.


    We are confident that you will be satisfied with your product. Unfortunately, due to food hygiene regulations, we cannot accept returns.

    We also cannot provide refunds if you change your mind, if your order is not received on time due to the postal system, bad weather or order typos.

    If we make a mistake, we will of course send a new cake topper as soon as possible.

    Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Ideas Edible Images Cake Toppers Personalized Birthday Sheets Custom Party Decorations Icing Transfers (9)

    We will not wait for you:Most orders ship the same business day from our Miami, FL facility via USPS First Class, USPS Priority Mail.

    No refunds will be given for delays caused by the carrier.

    We are not responsible for top hats that are not published because the draft top hat has not been approved.

    We are not responsible for the correct placement of the text, any other text will be placed according to our preference, unless the customer indicates to us the desired location (by email or phone).

    "We may cancel your order within the first 60 minutes of placing it; however, an order cannot be canceled if it is already in processing."

    You can expect to receive your order within 3 to 7 business days with Standard Shipping, or 2 to 4 business days with Expedited Shipping (Priority Mail).

    For standard and expedited shipping,We do not guarantee delivery time.While most packages arrive on time, our carriers may experience exceptional circumstances and delays. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the US Postal Service and UPS regarding delivery delays. on the other hand,Guaranteed next-day and next-day delivery,Therefore, if you have any questions, please contact us immediately to find a suitable solution.

    "I need them tomorrow":If you need to place your order in less time, you can upgrade your delivery service to Express. supply:

    • UPS next day

    • UPS 2. and

    All shipping charges are based on the UPS real-time shipping pricing system. You will receive actual shipping charges at checkout.

    We only ship via express orders within the United States. Note that UPS Express does not deliver on Saturdays.

    If customers choose standard shipping and express shipping, we suggest customers to buy a few days in advance. We are not responsible for any shipping delays caused by USPS.

    UPS Next Day Delivery and UPS Next Day Delivery are 100% guaranteed.

    As a supplier of edible products, we know and understand the importance ofyour healthRefers to when a product marked as edible is purchased on the internet. So please consider this before buying edible products, many sellers on amazon, ebay, etsy and many sites on the internet claim gross salesedible products, when thisNot exactly correct. In order for a print to be considered fully edible, it must be printed on icing paper, sugar paper, rice paper, potato paper or chocolate paper. Printers must be 100% sanitized and should never (very importantly) ever be used with standard ink, which is where most of the problems are. Standard ink, ordinary ink such as Canon, Epson, Brother ink, etc.,they are not edibleAnd not for human consumption.Standard (ordinary) ink cannot be used up. They are not safe for digestion and immediate medical advice should be sought if this occurs. Standard (regular) inks are very cheap in volume and cost 10-15 times more than standard (regular) inks when compared to FDA-approved edible inks.

    On the other hand, the paper used must be approvedFDA and sealed to avoid any type of contamination.Remember, it will be served to your family and guests.

    Be very careful when looking for edible products and check the company profile and company history. Because this is so important, we often know it at a glanceproduct price. When it's cheap, it's because something went wrong. Another way is to look at the receipts and the dates on those receipts to make sure they are genuine and not expired. You can ask any seller for a certificate, if he refuses to provide it, the certificate is most likely fake or does not exist.


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