Diamond Diagram Chart: Actual Hand Sizes (with Pictures) (2023)

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Many people look for "heavier" diamonds (i.e. larger carats) because they want their diamond to be special, visible and sparkle.

It's true that a diamond's brilliance is not determined solely by its carat (and size), as other factors play a large role in it (mainly and most importantly, cut).

You can find some amazing diamonds with a lower carat weight (0.8).this, if you're just looking for bigger diamonds (and still have some other good factors), you'll probably end up with something like thisThis 1.5 carat, but it's just not worth a dime (both diamonds have the same clarity, brilliance, symmetry, girdle, but a 1.5 cut is better than a 0.8 cut).

It’s worth noting that the same carat can vary in size depending on the shape of the diamond.

Let's start with the basics...


What is a diamond carat?

Perhaps the statement above that “2 carats are not twice the size of a 1 carat diamond” caught your attention, so let’s take a quick look at what a diamond carat is and how it affects size.

As mentioned earlier, a diamond carat is a unit of weight equal to 200 milligrams, or 0.2 grams. You might think 0.2 grams is tiny, but the truth is that it is not small at all!

The photos we just saw were of 1 carat diamonds on a very 'typical' finger size and you can see they are very visible and look perfect on her hand.

Now, when you use double the "weight", remember that you see the diamond mainly from the top, and the weight fills the rest of the diamond (depth), see this picture to make it clearer:

Diamond Diagram Chart: Actual Hand Sizes (with Pictures) (1)

The most visible parts of the diamond are the table and the crown, as you can see the diamond is doubled in carat and the weight is spread across the different parts, think of it as a 10 lb exercise ball and compare it to a 20 lb, 20 is twice as big as 20?

1 carat life size fingers for different shapes

You've probably had a lot of questions about what a 1 carat diamond looks like in the right hands.

Fortunately, many online stores have excellent visualization tools that reflect how different card shapes and sizes will appear in the hand. So you don't have to worry!

The size of a diamond is usually determined by its weight, which is called "carat", or some people misspell "carat", and carat is actually the fineness of gold (due to the use of "carat" as "golden carat" in some countries such as the UK , hence the confusion).

By the way, a 2 carat ring doesn't necessarily mean twice the size of a 1 carat ring.

As you can see from the photos here (previewed by James Allen); these are 1 carat diamonds and you can see how they would actually look on the average hand, round, heart, princess and oval:

Diamond Diagram Chart: Actual Hand Sizes (with Pictures) (2)

To show the 4 shapes more clearly, here is the original imagea round diamond, thiswholeheartedly, thisPrincess, IOval

A diamond carat is not a gold carat! still far from

While this isn't a common misconception, we've seen some readers get confused more than once; that's why we've clarified some facts..

The purity of gold is measured in carats (or carats in the UK, which may be a source of confusion), and reflects the concentration of gold in the item; as not all gold jewelry is made of 100% gold.

For example, when they say that this gold ring is 24 carats, it means that 24 out of 24 parts of the ring are made of gold (i.e. 100%) and 18 carats​1824This is 75% pure gold.

Diamond Carat NumberIt has nothing to do with the "clarity" of the diamond. It is simply a unit of measurement for diamond weight/dimensions.

1 to 2 carat actual size round diamonds on hand

Here's a visual comparison of the actual dimensions of 1-carat and 2-carat round diamonds (the most popular shape):

Diamond Diagram Chart: Actual Hand Sizes (with Pictures) (3)

It is indeed bigger, but in terms of size, the 1 carat diamond is 6.38 mm long and 6.35 mm wide, while the 2 carat diamond is 8.21 mm long and 8.27 mm wide.

These measurements are important for understanding howlength, width and depthThey play an important role in defining how a diamond reflects light.

The good thing is, you don't have to go for a high carat number to get a quality diamond, which is what our article is about!

but remember,A 2 carat diamond is onlybiggerNot necessarily better than a 1 carat diamond!

it's terrible here2 carat diamond listed$14,200, althoughThis Stunning 1 Carat Diamondis listed as$7600, if you ask me (or anyone), I'll tell you to buy a 1 carat diamond!

You want to know why 1 carabiAverage price of a 1 carat diamond

Because of its perfect internal symmetry and proportions, the James Allen collection is known asHeartfelt™ Cut

What is a Diamond Carat Chart?

Diamond Kratois a system for measuring the weight, appearance and size of diamond grains!

The table is one of the factors to consider when choosing a diamond because it isKey Characteristics of Diamonds (4Cs)

Now we've established that diamonds come in different shapes and sizes (by the way, it's very common to call them shapes),Did you know shape and carat are highly correlated? Why?

Because each shape of a diamond affects how the diamond looks (even with similar carats).

For example, let’s take a 1 carat princess cut diamond as an example. It definitely looks different (in terms of size) than the oval diamond we see in the picture above.

Another fun fact: Did you know that many shapes appear to "size" larger than a circle? Check the table below.

But in any case, the round shape is the most sought after, why?

Because the beauty of a diamond mainly depends on how much it reflects light, and as for the shape, here we know that the round brilliant is the best, that is, its ability to reflect light exceeds other shapes.

That's why carat is the last C4C in order of importance

Diamond Measurement and Carat Size Chart

Diamond Diagram Chart: Actual Hand Sizes (with Pictures) (5)

diamondRegular carats available in actual size

Now that you understand the various factors to consider when shopping for a diamond ring, you probably have a good idea of ​​what you want to get for your special lady! The final step is to find aperfect fit ring, and you're good to go!

fromRounds are considered the most popular shape of all time, with princess cuts not far behind, and we're going to show these arm shapes in actual size.

Note: All images are taken from James Allen.

Actual 1/2 (half) carat diamond size on finger

Generally, a 0.5 carat diamond looks like this:

Diamond Diagram Chart: Actual Hand Sizes (with Pictures) (6)

1 carat actual size diamond on finger

A 1 carat diamond is considered the "benchmark" for diamond size.

Here's how it looks on the wrist:

Diamond Diagram Chart: Actual Hand Sizes (with Pictures) (7)

1.5 Carat Diamond Actual Sizefinger

The 1.5 carat is also a good choice for many people and stands out effortlessly! The following two pictures show the actual size of the 1.5 carat diamond:

Diamond Diagram Chart: Actual Hand Sizes (with Pictures) (9)

Actual 2 Carat Diamond Sizefinger

Is it a bit "big"? Be careful with higher carat diamonds, not all hands are the same size, some diamonds will look a bit big on a "small" hand, so if your carat is this high, it will look a little bigger on an "average" hand would look like:

Diamond Diagram Chart: Actual Hand Sizes (with Pictures) (10)

Actual 3 Carat Diamond Sizefinger

Rampage? Making sure they don't look too big on her hand, here's what the 3 carat diamond looks like:

Diamond Diagram Chart: Actual Hand Sizes (with Pictures) (11)

Better cuts or more cards?

Look at this picture, it shows that different cuts of round diamonds also come in different sizes; considering these 3 diamonds are of the same suit:

Diamond Diagram Chart: Actual Hand Sizes (with Pictures) (12)

The largest (shallower one) diamond in the crown is so easy to spot that hopefully you wouldn't even consider buying one, right?

Even though it looks bigger than the other cutouts, it does reflect light really poorly! Excellent cut is actually what gives a diamond its brilliance and undeniable beauty!

Diamonds are excellent cutmore importantlyGet higher carats, so if you ask us, which is better: a 1 ct premium cut or a 2 ct premium cut? There is no doubt that it is definitely suitable for 1 carat.

Feel free to read ourCutting Chart Articles This will show in detail how each cutting step reflects light.

Buying advice: We make recommendations based on our diamond size chart

Finding the perfect gem, whether you prefer a local store or better (and easier)buy diamonds onlinefrom some reputable names such asJames Allen and Prawi Neal.

Always allocate the majority of your budget toEnsure excellent cutting results, and then start paying attention to the sharpness,color, I carat.

For clarity, it is recommended to start your search fromSI1 degree because it is clear to the naked eyeAlmost always.

If you're not sure what range of cards to choose, it's good to know that most people choose less than 1 card for budget reasons.

Our last piece of advice: don't go for the obvious!

significance? The demand for "1 carat" and "1.5 carat" is too high. We recommend a slightly lower price for Karate for a better price. Here is an example:

If you want a 1 carat diamond, choose a diamond between 0.9 and 0.95 carats, which are nearly indistinguishable because their diameters are almost the same to the naked eye!

The same goes for 1.5 carats, a little lower and you'll find a better price per carat. Demand for these carats (0.9 – 0.95 and 1.4 – 1.45) is much lower than known grades (1 and 1.5) and sellers are using this to their advantage!

Still not sure where to buy diamonds?

We always recommend buying diamonds online, we have createdThe Complete Guide to Buying Diamonds Like a Pro
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