Emerald: meaning, healing properties and power (2023)

What are emeralds?

The numerous advantages of the emerald make it a valuable gemstone. It is a variety of the mineral beryl, famous for emitting radiant green energy and considered one of the 4 precious gems of the earth, which include diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

Known for its benefits, emerald is often characterized by its green color, attributed to excessive amounts of chromium and vanadium atoms. It is typically hexagonal and comes in various shades of green, ranging from a light milky green to its widely distinguishable deep transparent green color.

Emeralds adorned the crowns of kings in the past and were used as a powerful talisman by King Charlemagne, Aristotle and Alexander the Great. First sold in Babylonian markets over 4,000 years ago, it is currently mined across the world in South America, Russia, Pakistan and southern Africa, although large emerald deposits can be found in Brazil and Zambia.

Colombia is famous for high quality emeralds with residents who truly understand the meaning of the emerald stone and the benefits of emerald. It is a mystical stone worshiped by the Incas and considered by the Chaldeans as the home of a specific goddess. The Egyptians considered the emerald a symbol of eternal life, a gift from Thoth, the god of wisdom.

emerald stone meaning

The meaning of the emerald stone is quite profound, meaning much more than what we actually see with the naked eye. Indian folklore says that the word emerald is derived from the Sanskrit marakata, meaning "the green of things that grow", and the Persian word emerald, meaning green stone.

Most of the time, people think of negative things and willingly close the doors of their hearts when it comes to love and this is where the powers of emerald come into play.

Those of you who deal with love issues this way must learn how to deal with the truth in order to advance mentally and spiritually. Learning to use the healing properties of the emerald for a renewed outlook on life will help you to become stronger and face the challenges that come into your life.

Also known as the "successful love stone", it heals the heart and opens it to the heart chakra. Provide comprehensive healing so you can learn to love yourself and those around you and see things in a positive light.

While Saint Hildegard von Bingen declared that "all the green of nature is concentrated in an emerald". It is used to symbolize youth, hope, future, renewal and growth. Seeks love and reveals truth that inspires an ongoing search for meaning, peace and compassion.

Emerald crystal properties

The true meaning of the Emerald Crystal is nearly impossible to read without cultivating Emerald powers. Emerald is known to have many benefits, including heightened intuition and better eyesight, which awaken our inner ability to predict future events and reveal their hidden meaning.

The Emerald Crystal is a stone of inspiration and eternal patience, which means it promotes friendship and equality between partners and is known to instill contentment and loyalty. Mystical circles associate the emerald with the emerald tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, which holds the secret of hermetic wisdom. A stone of wisdom, it improves memory and increases mental clarity by combining intelligence with judgment.

Healing properties of emerald

Emerald has healing properties along with protective properties that allow for total stimulation and restoration of mind, body and spirit. We all have a different level of relationship with ourselves and this relationship allows us to harness the emerald's powers that can be used to purify an individual's soul, including those around them.
Having mastered the art of controlling energy flows in the body, you can easily use the healing properties of emerald to restore damaged body tissues.

Emerald Benefits

The emerald is directly related to the planet Mercury or "Budh", also known as "Budh Ratna". Discover the benefits of emerald stones:

  • Gain wisdom and improve brainpower.
    According to Vedic astrology, the emerald stone represents the planet Mercury, the ruling planet of the intellect. Wearing an emerald crystal can increase your brainpower and gain wisdom. This makes it ideal for academics to improve their efficiency and do better in exams.
  • Become more creative and innovative
    Ancient astrologers said that the emerald stone helps to give the wearer a better imagination, allowing them to be more creative and innovative, making it ideal for artists, writers or media representatives.
  • financial gains
    Emerald symbolizes prosperity, so it is ideal for business people. People believe that wearing this gem would lead to gains in profits and reach the pinnacle of success. Astrologers recommend emerald to those involved in the baking, marketing, textile and travel professions.
  • Best communication skills
    Emerald crystals can enhance your communication skills as they are considered "Vaani Karka" which means "signifier of speech". It instills confidence in the user and helps with appreciation.
  • fidelity, love and fertility
    As the emerald is considered a stone of love and devotion, it ideally bestows love, fidelity and fertility on its wearer for those who wish to have children. Emerald is also believed to build better understanding and true love between couples, instilling positive thoughts about each other that would help to cope with a stressful relationship and fill each other with love and happiness. Finally healing broken hearts and letting go of painful past memories.
  • Fama
    In ancient times, emeralds were worn by famous emperors such as Queen Elizabeth and Queen Cleopatra. Therefore, if Mercury is well placed, the user will achieve fame and a bright future.

To reap the benefits of emerald and harness emerald powers, individuals should wear only genuine emeralds.

Metaphysical properties of emerald

emerald cuts

One of the main factors that determine the value and beauty of an emerald is the way the gem is cut. Emeralds are durable gemstones that can be cut into a variety of shapes. Today, emeralds are typically cut on high-tech machines to ensure precise cuts that preserve the gems' beauty.

  1. cut step
    The stepped cut is commonly known as an emerald cut, named after the famous gemstone, emerald. This cut is characterized by its parallel facets, perfectly cut from the upper open facet. This would allow the gemstone's color to show through while maintaining its structural integrity.
  2. brilliant cut
    Brilliant cuts are triangular cut facets that differ in shape from the emerald. This cut can be difficult to master as it requires more precision and cutting and results in a lot of waste. This cut is known to create more shine.
  3. mixed court
    The mixed cut is a combination of brilliant and stepped cut and is a common cut for this gemstone. This cut is done to increase the shine of the gem and minimize waste.
  4. Cabochonschliff
    This type of cut is commonly used for emeralds, which are round on the outside and flat on the bottom. It is much easier to create and is the most affordable cut among the rest.

emerald shapes

The main factor that determines the value of an emerald is its color. Emeralds are typically graded on hue, saturation, and hue, determining whether the gemstone is of the highest quality.
Color grading can be very subjective and has no industry standards. However, it is commonly classified as AAA, AA, A, B and C. This gemstone is green in color but has many shades such as yellow, brown and blue. The purer the gem's green, the higher its value.
An emerald is usually graded face up without magnification. It can be viewed from different angles and titrated to see if it really is a pure green color. Emeralds with a deep green color are the most recommended compared to emeralds with a yellow undertone.

Esmeralda e Feng Shui

Feng Shui is known for manipulating energy by consciously placing objects in our environment. Controlled objects send messages about how life will unfold.

Furthermore, the emerald is known to be one of Cleopatra's favorite gemstones, in addition to the fact that this stone was popularly used in the Maharaja's jewelry, as well as in Jackie Kennedy's engagement ring. Its name derives from the Greek word smaragdus, meaning green, and was described by Aristotle as the stone that carries victory and helps the wearer succeed in their chosen career.

However, Emerald Powers produce more than just success. In fact, the color green is often associated with money. Therefore, the emerald is known as the gemstone of wealth. The Money Corner is usually found in the left corner of the house, it is a very powerful place and should be given the attention it deserves.

This particular corner must be free of clutter and is generally a very poor place to put a trash can. Since the emerald is green, placing an emerald stone in that corner for wealth would be ideal.

Emerald Stones

Emerald is generally accepted as the birthstone for those born in May, but historically it has been the zodiac stone for people born on June 21st and July 22nd under the zodiac sign of Cancer.

However, the true origin of birthstones was never known, but it was said that the Native Americans and Babylonians were the ones who made the connection between birth months and their corresponding gemstones.

It is also associated with Taurus and is believed to influence both positive and negative traits in individuals born under this zodiac sign. Ruled by the planet Venus and with unique properties directly linked to the natural color and structure of the gemstones.

keep emerald

Emerald is a powerful stone that can be used for emotional and physical healing of the heart. It is a delicate stone that should never be exposed to harsh chemicals as it is fragile compared to other types of beryl.

It should only be cleaned with warm, mild soap and a soft brush. The emerald stone should not be immersed in cleaning solutions. It should be re-lubricated if necessary and only cleaned at least once a year.

Emerald perks are quite exceptional, especially when used properly. The emerald's powers allow the wearer to possess heightened levels of energy, along with other healing properties naturally associated with the heart. Emerald also has healing properties known to cure insomnia, heart problems, asthma and ulcers.

Emerald Impact

The magical properties of the emerald endow the owner with wisdom and eliminate negativity in his life. Keeps away bad thoughts and bad feelings. To take advantage of the magical properties of the emerald, it must be used properly and at the right time.

This stone is known as the Great Healing Crystal, usually associated with the Archangel Raphael's Green Ray. It summons creative energies deep within us and encourages renewal.

Customers on the gemstone market consider emeralds to be very valuable, so there are scammers who will try to sell you fake gems. There are also artificial emeralds that are quite difficult to distinguish from natural emeralds.
It is important to know the metaphysical properties of the emerald gemstone in order to properly utilize its benefits, health properties and powers.

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