EXPLAINED: How to hack the TikTok algorithm and go viral (2023)

EXPLAINED: How to hack the TikTok algorithm and go viral (1)

In 30 seconds:

  • How to crack TikTok's algorithm to get more likes? We have some viral TikTok hacks you can try.
  • These are a no go. We've listed the 3 most common TikTok algorithm errors brands make and how to avoid them.
  • Want to learn a bonus TikTok algorithm trick? You are in the right place.

wonder howcutÖAlgorithm for TikTok? We have insider knowledge.

Here at Fanbytes, our job is to keep an eye on what type of content is firing up on TikTok, and most importantly, understand itWeilthat is. These insights always begin with deepeningAlgorithm for TikTok. It is usually a negligence of the brand to playAlgorithm for TikTokleaving them at the undesired low point.

We don't just tell youifcutÖAlgorithm for TikTok. We'll tell you toowhat to avoid, so you always get it right.

But wait. Before we get into that, it's important to understand themAlgorithm TikTok. That's why we wrote a whole article about it:. It's the latest information on how the algorithm works for you to understandWeilYour content will sink or float.

We discovered a lot through searchingHacks of Algorithms also TikTok, and luckily for you, we want to give you the inside information.

TikTok Algorithm Hacks: Why You Should Care

TikTok isn't just about users (1 billiontheirs, to be precise); also has traffic. It has recently overtaken Google as the most used web domain. It represents a unique opportunity for all brands to reach a large and willing audience. Especially Generation Z.

Generation Z has a purchasing power of $143 billion, z 60%all TikTokers are zoomers. Getting them to see and hear your content is the hard part. You have to stick to the rules and follow some of themHacks of Algorithms also TikTokgrow.

We've seen many brands make mistakes while trying to grow on TikTok. This is a huge missed opportunity. TikTok Earnings 8new usersevery secondand is one of the fastest growingThe Social Media Platformany times. So get ready for some mysterious highlight information on the top mistakes brands make when they trycutÖAlgorithm for TikTokand how to avoid them.

Once you explore this, you will unlock one of the most powerful audiences.

Is TikTok's algorithm based on luck?

Short answer: no. There are usually a few main reasons a video might appear on yourVideos make tiktokit's not going as well as you hoped. It's not necessarily because you're unlucky or because users don't like you; it's usually because you're not creating content that goes with thatAlgorithm for TikTok.

There are several ways the algorithm determines what is shown to people.pages for you(FYPs). This includes items such ascompletion rates, engagement and the number of likes for a video.

Our article is packed with information aboutUnderstand the TikTok algorithmIt's a gateway to the inner workings of your filters. Stop by to find out more.

Top 3 TikTok Algorithm Hacks

(Video) Ultimate Guide To Hack The TikTok Algorithm & Go Viral!

Before we uncover the most common errors we've seen, here are some TikTok viruseshacksthat you may not have thought of your content getting those views.

EXPLAINED: How to hack the TikTok algorithm and go viral (2)

Hack #1: The 3 Second Rule

When you post a video on TikTok, the algorithm works by pushing the content to the For You page for a very short period of time. This is done so the algorithm can determine how relevant the content is to the audience and whether people really want to see and share it.

Ein Chavemetricthat the algorithm records here is the display time andsuccess rate. If the majority of the audience only watches a few seconds of your 30 second video and not to the end, the algorithm will flag your video as unappealing and irrelevant to the audience. Because of this, your video is "lost" - the algorithm prioritizes videos with longer playback times andcompletion rates, so no one can see your video.

A helpful rule of thumb to remember is that you must captivate your audience within the first 3 seconds. When people watch most of your video and thesuccess rateis super high, you are a winner and the algorithm rewards your content by continuously reinforcing your contribution. It will create a sort of "snowball" effect and will feature more people, putting you well on your way to viral status.

EXPLAINED: How to hack the TikTok algorithm and go viral (3)

Hack #2: Be quick on trends

tendenciesare the glue that holds TikTok together across all kinds of content styles and themes – not just dance, comedy and music, but everythingcare forVideo styles your audience will be interested in, regardless of your brand or industry.

tendenciesTikTok isn't just about the whims of its users - although they are guided by their interests. They are an expression ofAlgorithm for TikTokin the game. Video styles and conversations within different content communities are selected byAlgorithm for TikTokand grow exponentially. If you want to increase your range, riding this wave is an extremely powerful way to do it.

It is also important that brands jump intendenciesto appear relevant to the target audience and boost brand sentiment. Search fortrendy sounds(popular songsorAudio-Trends) Etrending hashtagsNOdiscoverpage and rate thecontent typeyou see. That should inspire you yourselfvideo content.

TikTok is moving at an extremely fast pace, which signifies the newtendenciesappear daily. It's important for brands to capitalize on it quicklytendencies: TikTok's interface design means users are interested in aTrendcan easily recognize its creator and its "figureheads". This means that thebest time to postso you can. If you can become such a "poster child".Trendgaining momentum, you will be exposed to a large number of interested people. Those who board too late will lose themselves in the noise.

Tick ​​Thank youtendenciesare our speciality. If you want a weekly update on the latest TikToktendenciesand how your brand can use them, subscribe to our newsletter.

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(Video) I Rigged the TikTok Algorithm To Make Me Go Viral

Tip #3 Share ideas with others

Algorithm for TikTokprioritizes engagement. This is the display time andsuccess rateis measuring – but there are other forms of engagement to consider: liking and commenting on videos is one of them. As we explained in our article abouthow to increase your followers on tiktok, TikTok wants its users to be active on the platform so interacting with others is great, Tiktok viralcutthis will help increase your own engagement rate (ER).

Find other similar niches throughHashtagsand keywords via TikTok's search function. Like and comment on these videos and spend some time interacting with othersTikTok Creator. This will set up your account for success.

Part of the reason whycutWorks is due to the personalized nature of theAlgorithm for TikTok. Not only does it adapt to show users the videos they like, but it also showcases your own videos to a similar audience. By commenting and liking other videos in your niche, you tell TikTok who should see your own videos - and help you achieve your goal.target group.

Becutit also works because TikTok is a social space. 77%of users say they read comments on posts and videos on TikTok. Commenting makes you visible, but it also allows you to build a stronger relationship with your audience. You might even find other accounts giving back by commenting on your videos -user interactionswhich also increase your ER. So be kind!

Are You Making These 3 Mistakes?

When you see howcutÖAlgorithm for TikTok, we have seen many mistakes. From people buying followers (trust us, this is a big no-no) to simply overselling, there are many pitfalls that brands can fall into if they don't understand howor TikTok algorithm works.

Here are the top 3 mistakes we've seen whenTikTok user attemptHacks of Algorithms also TikTok.

EXPLAINED: How to hack the TikTok algorithm and go viral (5)

Mistake #1: Being "Shadow Banished."

This isn't the most common mistake of the three, but it is the most frustrating and will severely degrade your app's performance. The shadow ban means TikTok has minimized the reach of its posts and stopped bringing its content to the public.

How does this happen? If TikTok identifies an account as spam or exhibits "spammy" behavior, it will stop sharing. This can happen when:

  • You are deleting too many posts at once
  • You like and follow many people at once
  • You are using copyrighted content/music
  • You use forbiddenHashtags

How do I get banned from Unshadow? If you think you've been shadowbanned on TikTok (your content won't show up in searches), there are a few things you can do
cutÖAlgorithm for TikTokand let your account grow again.

  1. Uninstall and reinstall the app– This can sometimes update your account and help in the situation
  2. Delete any objectionable content- This could be the reason you were banished from the shadows in the first place, so make sure all evil is erased from your account.
  3. Hope– Accounts are often blocked for about 2 weeks. After verifying that your account is clean, wait. This should give the algorithm enough time to check if you are spam or not. With any luck, your content will get into people's social networks.FYPsin no time.

Remember to post the originalquality contentthat fits in TikTok Community Guidelineswill make sure you don't have this problem. Then start doing what you want to do.

EXPLAINED: How to hack the TikTok algorithm and go viral (6)


Mistake #2: Your video information is not optimized

TikTok has great SEO. Not just tiktokersuse hashtagsto find relevant content – ​​they will use free text search because theAlgorithm for TikTokcan record a surprising amount of detail about anyoneVideos make tiktok.

Don't neglect yoursLegends of TikTok. You should always write aimmersive caption: The character limit is 300, but you should try to aim for less than that.

And youVideos make tiktokper se? You can also add text to your videos - and we've found it to be a great way to provide more interesting information. It's easy to pause videos and many others on TikTokTikTok Creatorprompts viewers to pause the screen to read the text when it matters most. While it's important not to overdo it, it proves that TikTokers don't read more information in videos. And the best part? This also helps you get discovered by TikTok SEO.

You may have noticed that TikTokers sometimes misspell profanity in their videos. This happens because theAlgorithm ticksGet this text too. So think carefully about the text you insert.

Lead Campaign Manager of FanbytesJacqui Smithsays: "It's important not to include too much text, otherwise it can be overwhelming. But it can be really useful. One important thing to note is the color of the text: make sure it's a contrasting color so it's easier to see and read.”

If youcutYou will be found better on TikTok SEODiscoverPage from your ideal users.

EXPLAINED: How to hack the TikTok algorithm and go viral (7)

Mistake #3: You're faking it

Many brands and developers are tempted to buy TikTok followers as "social proof" to start their accounts with a bigger onecount followers. That's a terrible idea. Why exactly, we explain in our article,Read This Before You Buy TikTok Followers. In short: faking followers is a quick way to say somethingAlgorithm for TikTokthat your videos are not driving work.

It's also important to be original. Don't become a copy of someone else's TikTok account: At best, where you're good at it, your videos will be shown to a very similar audienceAlgorithm for TikTok. Soon someone will identify you as a copycat. This isn't good for your brand sentiment and could undo all your hard work as people unfollow you in droves. Be inspired by others, of course, but always stay original.

Finally? Don't spam. Comments are fine, but feigning engagement with generic comments like "great video" or "wow" will annoy anyone who sees it. Worse, accounts that copy and paste messages asking for more followers come across as spammy and desperate. If this is you, stop now. Be real instead: This is the best way to encourage and spark real engagementAlgorithm for TikTokto help you grow.

EXPLAINED: How to hack the TikTok algorithm and go viral (8)

Bonus: use the entire platform

That's a mistake we see all over TikTok — but the most successful brands andTikTok content creatorsDon't forget this step: don't just reply to comments on your own videos: be outgoing and start conversations outside your corner.

in our 3rdcut, we mention liking and commenting on other people's videos to tell the story.Algorithm for TikTokmore about your interests, which in turn can trigger thatrecommendation systemto show your video to a similar audience. This is a perfect way to carve out a place in the TikTok niche and build brand sentiment in a core community.

Once you've built a strong community around your TikTok, you can start diversifying — and that means how you interact with other TikTok accounts too. Try TiktokDuetsor TiktokPoint. Build relationships with influencers in your niche, but don't be afraid to look outward as well: sometimes unusual collaborations can lead to higher engagement rates by surprising people. consider Collaboration with Guccimit trainspotters TikTok-Influencer Francis Bourgeois (@francis.bourgeois), For example.

Francis Bourgeois is incredibly popular on TikTok, even among millions of people who don't share his love of trains — and that brings us to our next point: once you've built a strong core community, don't be afraid to comment.care forVideos and accounts you watch, regardless of niche. It increases your visibility and captures that all-important element of surprise - and you'll gain more fanslarger audience. Just make sure you balance that with a healthy level of commitment to your core community.

(Video) I Rigged the TikTok Algorithm to Make Me Go Viral

There is one last TikTok cheat

Okay, cheating isn't really the right word. Why? It is practically impossible to trick TikTok. They wouldn't either, because TikTokhe wantsThey thrive on the platform.chopÖAlgorithm for TikTokit's about working in sync with it, not against it.

The best way to do this? consistent,good qualitycreative entertainment-oriented content. 31%vonTikTok userranked “lifting my spirits” among the top three reasons for returning to the TikTok platform. So if you really want to know howcutthe algorithm and createviral videosafterviral videos, arouse joy, make fun and above all be authentic.

Want to know how to create light-hearted marketing campaigns that deliver killer ROI?Get in touchto find out how we can bring your brand to the heart of Gen Z. Alternatively, you can hand over the reins completely to us. We take care of account growth for companies like bad girls, Oper GX, great drug, Paula's choice, Sahnefelderand many more.

Need more information about TikTok? We're experts, but don't take our word for it. Read our fact-based articles andTutorialsunder:

  • How to Go Viral on TikTok: The 3 Most Effective Hacks
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