Gypsy Sisters Finale RECAP 9/1/14: Season 2 Episode 9 "A Summer to Remember" (2023)

Tonight on TLCGYPSY SISTERSwe continue with a new episode. Called on the show tonight"The family that plays together stays together"In the season 2 finale, Kayla plans an end-of-summer luau and Mellie plans a christening for her baby. Did you see last week's episode? We did it and we have acomplete and detailed summary, right here.

On last week's show, Kayla agreed to meet her after seeing Nettie's apology video. They decide a road trip was just what it needed to bring the family together. Along the way, a visit to an animal park proved that this group is wilder than the park's residents.

On tonight's show, when summer comes to an end; Robbie makes a surprise appearance in Tennessee. JoAnn and Sheena plan a trip to a winery to keep the fun going. Nettie reveals a secret; Kayla throws a luau party for the clan; and Mellie plans a christening for baby Richard.

Tonight's episode will be another dramatic episode not to be missed. So be sure to tune in to our live coverage of TLC's Gypsy Sisters Season 2 Episode 9 at 9 p.m. IT IS T! While you wait for our roundup, click on the comments below and let us know how excited you are about tonight's new episode of Gypsy Sisters!

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Tonight's season finale of TLC's Gypsy Sisters picks up where we left off last week, and the girls are still on a road trip in Tennessee. They all go to bed, Nettie pulls Mellie aside and tells her that she will call Robbie (Baby Richard's father) in the morning so she can meet her son. Mellie agrees.

In the morning Robbie arrives at his cabin. JoAnn lets him in and is surprised that he really came. Robbie makes his way to the baby, but Mellie doesn't give up. Robbie follows her to her room and Mellie reluctantly allows Robbie to hug her. Mellie tells Robbie he can see the baby whenever he wants, but she's not worried about trying to get along with him as she knows he won't stay. Mellie gives Robbie a guide on how to change diapers and what Richard can eat (formula, duh).

Nettie, her sisters, and their children travel to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Nettie and Kayla have a surprise planned for the group. They planned "Zorb Rides". They strap themselves into a giant rubber ball and roll down a giant hill in it. Kayla, Sheena, Nettie and Mellie take turns and it turns out it's not as much fun as they thought. Actually, it made her pretty sick.

Nettie and her family return to West Virginia and host a "Children's Day" at Nettie's house. JoAnn and Scheena bring all of their children to Nettie's house with all of their children and go to a toy store to buy toys to keep the kids busy. Scheena and JoAnn decide to plan a girls' night out with Nettie and Kayla. They decide to go to a wine tasting.

At Kayla's, she has a snack with her sister Annie. Annie confesses that she wants to call her ex Josh and see if he wants to come home. They were separated all summer. Kayla thinks this is a good idea and sends her outside to call him. Josh agrees to take a break from work and return to town to talk to Annie about their relationship.

Sheena and JoAnn return to Nettie and invite her to the wine tasting. Nettie is happy, she really wants to be a "drunk gypsy". They're trying to decide if they're going to invite Mellie over, they're afraid she'll get drunk and go insane like she used to before she got pregnant.

JoAnn and Mellie go to a pottery shop to paint Baby Richard's handprints on a keepsake. When they paint Mellie's plate about her relationship with Robbie, she says she doesn't want anything to do with him. If you want to see the baby, you can, but you are not allowed to take it anywhere.

Kayla has a date with her husband Richard. She tells him that she is going to a wine tasting with Sheena, JoAnn, Mellie and Nettie. Richard is not enthusiastic about the idea. He is afraid that Mellie and Nettie will go insane and lose control.

The girls hire a party bus, complete with strobe lights and a stocked bar, to take them to the bodega. They stop at a store and buy Mellie some strong soda because she is throwing a tantrum. They get to the Wine Tour and Mellie is out of control. The winemaker tries to show them how wine is made and shows them around the cellar, but Mellie is out of control. Nettie is ashamed of her sister.

After the wine tasting, Nettie, Scheena, Mellie, Kayla and JoAnn have a little picnic. Nettie decides to tell her friends that she has been diagnosed with lupus. As Nettie tries to break the news of her illness to her family, a drunken Mellie screams and cries, telling Nettie to shut up.

The next day, the girls decide to throw a luau for Gus and Laura (Kayla and Annie's brother) because he's coming back to town. While JoAnn is shopping for party supplies, she gets a call from Scheena. Scheena doesn't come to the luau because she "left town" to meet Henry. JoAnn isn't happy about trying to get her ex back. He's not a nice guy.

Nettie takes Mellie to the spa. She tries to teach her to be more feminine and to behave like a "young woman". They are also planning baby Richard's christening. Mellie thinks Nettie only took her to the spa because she wants to be the baby's godmother.

Annie, Laura and Kayla cook for the luau. Annie tries not to get food on her clothes because her husband Josh is away and she wants to "look pretty for him".

Josh finally arrives and Annie runs to meet him. Annie tells him that she loves and misses him and that she wants to make things right between them. Josh agrees and they decide that Annie should come home with him.

Nettie, JoAnn and Mellie "wear" Little Richard's christening outfit. They are still arguing about who will be the baby's godmother. Mellie decides to call Dallas and ask her to be the baby's godmother. JoAnn is upset, she cares more about Little Richard than Mellie. Mellie runs out of the house to go to a concert, leaving her sister to take care of their baby.

The next day, they try to prepare for Richard's christening. Mellie and Dallas are in a mess from the concert they went to. Mellie sprained her arm on her wild night and Robert knocked her teeth out.

Annie and Kayla arrive at the christening, and no one has arrived yet. They are not pleased to see the baby being christened in a hatchery. Nettie and Mellie finally arrive with the baby and the christening can begin. JoAnn pours holy water over Mellie's head and she curses JoAnn right in front of the vicar.

It's time for Kayla's luau. Mellie arrives with Dallas and Little Richard and with a bad attitude. She is still upset that JoAnn tried to embarrass her at Little Richard's christening. Everyone tries to eat and Mellie is rude to everyone. After dinner, JoAnn and Nettie want to take a picture with Little Richard. Mellie freaks out because she doesn't want JoAnn in the photo with her son. Mellie tries to snatch the baby from Nettie's arms. JoAnn has had enough, turning the tables on Mellie and naming her "Mom of the Year," reminding her that she cared about Richard more than she did. Everyone is shocked to see JoAnn fight back. Kayla is upset that her luau is being ruined.

After JoAnn and Mellie settle down, the family relaxes and enjoys the "End of Summer Party" and reflects on all the crazy things they've been through together this summer.

Gypsy Sisters Finale RECAP 9/1/14: Season 2 Episode 9 "A Summer to Remember" (2)

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