James Allen Review - Are you the best dealer of online diamonds? (2023)

This page contains references to diamonds or engagement rings from various companies.Sometimes I get a commission when you click on the left and buy the products.

James AllenIt was one of the pioneers of Online diamond sales and is still one of the main names of this increasingly competitive market was so important to start with oneJames Allen Review.

With numerous advantages, such as the leading retailer of gemstones, James Allen is a name that always provides thousands of trust in the delivery of goods.

  • Risk -free buying guarantee
  • Free shipping world
  • Several payment options
  • 2 -year repurchase guideline
  • 100% update directive
  • Personalized engraving service
  • Lifeguard

This review by James all covers:

  • Preis
  • The company
  • The history
  • Exclusivity
  • James Allen Lose Diamonds
  • Quality
  • And site
  • The pictures
  • The purchase experience
  • The information offered
  • The package
  • The return policy
  • Diploma

James all price

James Allen offers a price correspondence program for your diamonds.If you find a diamond certified by GIA or AGS -certified and are available on -Line, James meets everyone.To request price correspondence, you must provide the URL from the website where you have found the lowest price as well as weight, color, clarity and diamond cut.James Allen will check and determine the request. Buy the diamond at the lowest price - but many retailers have their diamonds at home (how howWhiteflashThis agreement in high -quality diamonds, so that this is not possible).Note that the price correspondence for loose diamonds is not available and some exclusion can be applied.

If you have the budget and look for higher quality diamonds than James everyone, take a lookWhiteflashIt belongs to youA cut over diamonds.If you don't comeBlue NileorCostcoFor a more affordable diamond engagement ring.

The company

The commercial ethos ofJames AllenIt's easy;offer your customers the best diamonds for the best prices.

All diamonds sold on the company of the company are certified by AGS, IGI or GIA, the best respected business quantities.

The history

The company was founded in 1998 by the man and wife James Allen and Michele Schultz.They called themselves dirtchepdiapdiamonds.com and quickly became one of the first really successful jewelry dealers.Jewelry that was blue Nil was already founded after his founder was always frustrated when he was looking for a engagement ring.This became the characteristic product and one of them is still known today.

In 2005, the R2Net E Commerce platform was founded, which has teamed up with the company.The Retail brand was Jamesallen.com and the company's entire marketing strategy was turned upside down.

The cheap image was replaced in a more refined manner and they sold the diamonds accredited by the main authorities.While the competitors came and go, they still enjoy great success and now in 2015 they are one of the main fabrics names of Online jewelry sales.

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One of the areas in which James Allen is proud isYour selection of sophisticated colors diamonds.It is extremely rare, very precious and wonderful to give a jewel to this personal note.Yellow, pink, blue, green and brown diamonds, who placed positively in their exclusive environments to ensure that the recipient of such a ring is impressed.Assessment after criticism The happy women in whom one of these rings was proposed felt more special when they slipped on the fingers.

Another area is thatJames Allen True Hearts ™ Diamonds.James Allen describes his "Were Hearts ™ Hearts and Arrows" collection as a "definitive expression of love".My detailed assessment herebefore you look at my ratingBlue Nilo Astor collectioneWhiteflash is a cut via diamonds.

James Allen Lose Diamonds

Diamonds created in the laboratory are real diamonds that are extracted in a laboratory using advanced technology and not from the earth.They have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as natural diamonds and are classified by organizations such as GIA with the same patterns as natural diamonds.

One of the main advantages of diamond diamonds created by laboratories is that they are more affordable than natural diamonds, which makes them a good choice for those who want to look like a diamond engagement ring or another diamond jewelry, but not as much money.james everyoneProvides a wide range of laboratory panties in different shapes, sizes and notes, so you find a diamond that fits your budget and style.

James Allen not only offers a variety of diamonds created in laboratory, but also offers customers educational resources for laboratoryists.This helps customers make well -founded decisions about their diamond purchases if they select a natural diamond or a diamond created in the laboratory.

Overall, James is a reliable and reliable company for everyone to buy diamonds.They offer a large selection of diamonds at competitive prices and offer customers tools and resources to make sound decisions about their purchases.Considered if the purchase of diamonds has been created in the diamonds in the in the in the in -in.Light countryeWhiteflash.

Designer and personalized objects

Royal Halo and Millie Courts are two highly respected names that sell their pieces on the James Allen.Royal HelloDesign jewelry with brightness and maximum effects.A thousand heartsSpecialized in colorful gemstones to give your impressive designs an additional dimension.

Both companies are proud of the quality of the jewelry they produce, and this is a great thumb for James Allen that they have selected them as a retail partner.

The service "Design Your Own Engagement Ring" is great and the vast majority of the rings are created with this method.Only the Royal Halo and Mille Coeurs collections are preset.-Line, but we like their simplicity.

James Allen Review - Are you the best dealer of online diamonds? (1)James Allen Review - Are you the best dealer of online diamonds? (2)

You can start with the stone or configuration and bring to another screen to collect everything after clicking on your option.We start with the stone, and this offers a variety of options, including price, shape and stone color, cut, clarity, karat and even the origin of the stone.

After choosing our stone, a bright cut pink diamond, we moved into the scene and selected a classic in white gold with 18 km.One last click and it was our ring in front of us!

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It would have been good to actually see the stone in the landscape, not in a small picture in the upper left corner, and this is an area in which you may need some technological adjustments.In the end it seems to be a little disappointed.

The highest possible quality?

As you would expect from a state retailer, a big focus is on 4 CS if you relate to the quality of the valuable stones and jewelry that you have offered.

Each gem bears an accreditation of everyoneAGS, Like this,FAMILYorIgiThis is your guarantee that the gem that spends everything that is money that is claimed and not a cheap stone that is consisted of as a higher quality.If you are looking for Diamond hearts and arrows, although I would still goWhiteflashHow you offer a better service in everything.

James Allen and Blue Nile have the largest markets in the Online diamond industry.You have a similar business model because he sells diamonds from other suppliers like his own.In its inventory, while Blue Nile.You rate the stones will not sell to ensure that you are the primitive quality for which the company is known.

And site

Click here to enlarge the image

In view of the fact that James Allen is only sold on -Line, the first impression of his website was a bit disappointing.The minimalist effect that you have suffered with the load of pictures is not uncomfortable, but has no zipper.

The old saying never judges a book for his cover could have been shaped on this page.However, after she has gone through the somewhat spook, it is really a very efficient and friendly e -commerce what we observe in more detail in the next section, give the intended impression that you buy with a state -owned company.

ÖHabble frequency section sectionIt is concise, but it covers most, if not all of the bases, and there are other options if you want more information.For those who want to know more about diamonds, they are interested in real -time advice.

Choose your stone, fill your name and telephone number, and an expert calls you to talk about the properties of this specific jewelry.There is also a phone number on the homepage and a live chat option that claims to be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but nobody was ready to wake up at 4 a.m. to test it!

Another good idea that could have been much better is the wizard of the ring sizes.Our impatience.

There were independent analyzes on this service, in which customers were too big on arrival and were careful to return them if they are too small.This is definitely an area in which an immediate review is okay.

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The overall impression of the James Allen -Website is a B, with the comment "could do it better".Many do not agree, but after I have checked several such websites, there is better out there.

The pictures

For me, this area is the star of the James Allen.You examine the rings, click on what you like, and move the cursor over the picture that become 360 °.

This offers the possibility of seeing the ring of all possible angles, and there are additional pictures below.

James Allen Review - Are you the best dealer of online diamonds? (4)James Allen Review - Are you the best dealer of online diamonds? (5)

It can be difficult to achieve the overall effect of a configuration in a picture, and this intelligent tool immediately solves this problem.

The purchase experience

Click here to enlarge the image

There is not much to complain about in this area.The website is easy to search, the wrestling position is a lot of fun and a soft and easy purchase.The only piece that I didn't like is that you have to make you have to register to continue and the opportunity to register on Facebook is a kind of object if you buy a secret ring,to make a suggestion.

Several payment options are good and the option of receiving financing for a particularly large purchase.In view of my custom ringEye for eyes $ 164,770This would be the only way for many to be able to pay for this piece.

The information offered

James Allen is very big inUse your customersAbout the various aspects of the jewelry that you sell and an educational guide for this purpose. You know very little about the differences between the real stones.

The optional

As James works together with many selected partners, the selection of stones and rings is somewhat overwhelming.It is true that all sides make it easier to reduce the field quickly, but a slightly reduced catalog would not cause it badly.

Women will love this page, men will be confused with it.

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The package

Click here to enlarge the image

Red was missing boxes with white satin is the packaging for James Allen.Double as a memory box, which is a pleasant note.

James Allen returns politically

The company promises that you can return you to an exchange or a complete refund if you are not completely satisfied within 30 days.You pay for return transport to customers and all customers are limited to 3 returns.

There is a fee of $ 25 for the new burn if a recorded article that it returnsFrequent questionsSection.Background part.


This caught me a little because I like James Allen and his business model in general.In some areas, however, your website is definitely missing and, since this is the only retail, it must be on site.Characteristics that I thought to be failed are bright of design, but when they were implemented on the website, they didn't do it so well.

4 out of 5 are not ashamed and they do much better than other websites that I have checkedWhiteflashThere is no way to give you a 5.

James Allen was extremely wise to combine this gap in the market with the best companies, such asTiffany'sAnd the cheap and not always happy end of the marketGramaThe business model remains very good in 21stCentury and every girl who receives a engagement ring from James Allen is a very happy woman.

James Allen Analyse: 45★★★★ von Richard Jenkins

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