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Graceland Wedding Chapel, an iconic wedding chapel on the Las Vegas Strip, has been bringing couples together for more than 70 years. It's a popular destination for Las Vegas weddings, even attracting celebrities. Jon Bon Jovi, for example, chose the church as his wedding venue, and he even hosted a concert in the parking lot where 75 couples renewed their vows with him. Other notable musicians such as Billy Ray Cyrus, Aaron Neville and members of bands such as Def Leppard, KISS, Deep Purple and The Thompson Twins also contributed to Graceland's Wedding churches agree.

The cathedral has been featured in several films, including "In and Out," starring Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry, and "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," starring Johnny Depp . Additionally, he has been featured on popular television shows such as CBS Early Show, MTV, VH1, Good Morning America and The Tonight Show.

Graceland Wedding Chapel offers a variety of services to make your Las Vegas wedding memorable, including flowers, silk flowers, digital photography, limousine service, DVD recording, and even a live webcast of your wedding. With its rich history, celebrity clientele and array of services, Graceland Wedding Chapel is a trusted choice for couples looking to celebrate their special day in vibrant Las Vegas.

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  • The contents related to the wedding package are as follows
  • The clerk donated 60 yuan
  • Limousine Driver Donation $40,-
  • Photographer Donate $20
  • Marriage Certificate "Apostille" legalization stamp
  • The cost of shipping the marriage certificate to the home address
  • Access to the Hague Central Register
  • Dutch marriage certificates have "Married in Las Vegas" engraved on them! !

These wedding packages can also be supplemented with things like hair and makeup at the hotel and a post-ceremony photography tour.

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  • EUR 890 per newlywed

  • EUR 990 per newlywed

  • EUR 1091 per newlywed

  • EUR 919 per newlywed

  • €1020 per newlywed

  • €1290 per newlywed

  • € per newlyweds


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