The 7 Best Fruit Basket Delivery Services of 2023 (2023)

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A fruit basket delivery service delivers a basket of fruit, often with other edible items. These services allow you to send a thank you gift or provide something to spice up the celebration.

The best fruit basket delivery services are those that offer your favorite types of fruit, whether it's prepared and ready-to-eat dried fruit or fresh produce in season. When looking for the best fruit baskets, we consider factors such as variety, value and freshness to find top picks in each category. These baskets can also be customized according to your wishes, candy, treats and other accessories can be added to enhance the overall gift.

The 7 Best Fruit Basket Delivery Services of 2023

These are the best fruit basket delivery services for healthy gift giving

These are the best fruit basket delivery services for healthy gift giving

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  • Frog Hollow Farm
  • eating arrangement
  • Sally's Berry
  • Tropical Fruit Box
  • Fruity Manhattan
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best overall :harry and david

main specifications

  • Price (+ Shipping): Starting at $40, plus shipping
  • Estimated delivery time: flexible delivery day
  • Availability: Nationwide

why we choose it

Originally known for their premium pears, Harry & David now offer a variety of fruit boxes and baskets that make great gifts.

Zay Protif


  • Variety of fresh fruits to choose from

  • Dried and fresh-cut fruit available

  • Delivery date can be customized

be opposed to

  • Does not include shipping

  • You must join the annual membership to get free shipping

  • Delivery delays may occur due to weather affecting harvest time


Known for their gourmet gift baskets and gold leaf-wrapped Comice pears, Harry & David remains the go-to place for high quality, tastefully designed fruit baskets and boxes that make anyone who opens them feel special.

Harry & David specializes in beautifully packaged whole fruit in boxes and crates: pears, apples, mangoes, cherries and all kinds of citrus. Look fororganic fruit? Harry & David offers boxed organic pears and an organic fruit mix of boxed apples, pears and oranges.

Boxes of fruit are available in single, double and triple boxes and can be paired with delicious nuts and/or cheese for added flavor. For more variety, choose from the Classic or Deluxe Fruit Baskets (starting at $109.99, including shipping). You'll get tropical fruits like avocados, limes, and unique apples and pears, all in a wicker basket.

Dried fruit boxes and specialty products such as chocolate-covered strawberries and candied apples are also available. Whether you're buying fruit as a gift or ordering it for yourself, Harry & David won't disappoint.

best breed :fruit company

main specifications

  • Price (+ Shipping): Starting at $84, plus shipping
  • Estimated delivery time: 1 to 3 days
  • Availability: Nationwide

why we choose it

You can enjoy baskets of sustainably grown fruit straight from the company's orchards in Oregon.

Zay Protif


  • Most of the fruit comes from our own orchards

  • Special offer with free shipping on some items

  • Variety of fruit baskets to choose from

be opposed to

  • Many baskets do not include shipping

  • Orders must be placed by 12:00 noon PT for same day delivery

  • Baskets cannot be customized


Originating from an apple orchard in Oregon, Fruit Company has been growing and shipping fresh fruit since 1942. Whatever the occasion, Fruit Company has a basket for you.

Its premium fruit baskets are hand-picked and hand-packed and include a variety of seasonal and organic whole fruits, including citrus and tropical varieties, as well as year-round apples and pears. You can even pair the fruit with award-winning cheeses, nuts, crackers, crackers and more for hearty combinations. Add a personalized memorial ribbon to your cart to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or to express condolences.

Free shipping on certain items and gift boxes. Special baskets for all major festivals are also available seasonally. Most of the fruit, especially apples, pears, cherries and blueberries, is sustainably grown in the company's own orchards.

The company's website is designed with the customer in mind, making it easy to browse and sift through corporate gifts, free shipping and/or items under $89, as well as organic fruit baskets and gluten-free kosher gift boxes.

Best Sustainability :Frog Hollow Farm

main specifications

  • Price (+ Shipping): Starting at $35, plus shipping
  • Estimated delivery time: 1 to 5 days
  • Availability: Nationwide

why we choose it

Their boxes are filled with seasonal, certified organic produce grown using regenerative methods and shipped using carbon-neutral methods.

Zay Protif


  • Single fruit and mixed fruit options

  • Three box sizes depending on weight

  • Environmentally friendly packaging materials

be opposed to

  • All boxes do not include shipping

  • Orders placed on or after Wednesday will not ship until Monday


Based in Brentwood, CA, Frog Hollow Farm grows some of the best fruit in the nation. He has been a member of the sustainable food movement since the late 1980s. All fruit is certified organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), and is handpicked and packed for shipping nationwide.

Most of the fruit sold by Frog Hollow is grown on its own farms, but during the winter the company can supplement with food from other organic farms. Frog Hollow's selection changes seasonally; for example, in fall and winter, choose from pears, apples, apples, blood oranges, quinces, pomegranates, and more. Summer is here, so keep an eye out for peach season: Frog Hollow grows 21 different peach varieties, and they are truly outstanding.

Crates of individual varieties can be purchased, as well as mixed fruit samplers containing two different varieties of seasonal fruit. Boxes come in 3-, 5-, and 10-pound sizes, start at about $40, and hold four to six pieces of fruit. 20 to 24 pieces of fruit plus shipping cost about $103. The fruit is shipped using carbon-neutral shipping and the boxes are made from 100% Sustainable Forestry Initiative approved recyclable material.

Best for fruit bouquets :eating arrangement

main specifications

  • Price (+ Shipping): Starting at $40, plus $10 shipping
  • Estimated delivery time: flexible delivery day
  • Availability: Nationwide

why we choose it

These bouquets allow you to share a variety of fresh-cut fruits in a creative way and enjoy them upon arrival.

Zay Protif


  • Suitable for various occasions

  • Ideal for large gatherings and parties

  • Offers unsoaked and chocolate dipped fruit

be opposed to

  • needs to be kept in the fridge

  • Does not include shipping

  • no substitute for arrangement


As the name suggests, Edible Arrangements offers a variety of fruit, available for home delivery nationwide, in bouquets designed to resemble flower arrangements. In addition to fresh-cut fruit bouquets, the treat cups individually arranged in trays and boxes make great gifts for large groups and parties.

Make someone feel special by creating your own custom box or a fruit arrangement of your choice, such as a bouquet of pineapple blossoms and chocolate-dipped strawberries, topped with crushed hazelnuts or confetti. For an extra treat, add a chocolate bar with the themed message on it.

Customizable containers are also available to match your gift theme. (Make your own for about $40 plus shipping.) Like a florist, Edible Arrangements is a one-stop shop for special occasions: Choose your bouquet, add party favors and balloons, and you're sure to Will make a bouquet for someone. sky. Fruit can be dipped in 100% real, paraben-free chocolate.

Best for Chocolate Strawberries :Sally's Berry

main specifications

  • Price (+ Shipping): Starting at $33, plus shipping or handling
  • Estimated delivery time: 1 to 3 days
  • Availability: Nationwide

why we choose it

This company specializes in one thing and does it well, serving up some of the best chocolate covered strawberries around.

Zay Protif


  • We offer dark, milk and white chocolate

  • Customization options for special occasions

  • Most items are available in multiple quantities

be opposed to

  • Not all items have six orders

  • You must join the annual plan to get free shipping

  • No information on the origin of the fruit


At Shari's Berries, you'll find the ultimate decadent treat: chocolate-covered strawberries. Fresh strawberries can be dipped by hand in milk or dark chocolate and garnished with crunchy toppings like caramel chips, chocolate chips, and more chocolate toppings.

Chocolate Strawberries are perfect for any celebration or gift to someone special, and are sold by the dozen or two, ranging from $33 to $90. Playful themed mix boxes are also available: strawberries can be decorated to look like the Easter bunny, whimsical unicorn strawberries will delight your little ones, and champagne chocolate strawberries (with champagne chocolate) add a luxurious twist.

After you place your order, it will be transferred to your local store for personal delivery or sent in a gift box via FedEx or UPS. Same day delivery available in some areas. New customers get 10% off their first order.

Best for Tropical Fruits :Tropical Fruit Box

main specifications

  • Price (+shipping): Starts at ~$50 with free shipping
  • Estimated delivery time: within 7 days
  • Availability: Nationwide

why we choose it

Share something unexpected with friends and loved ones with these boxes filled with fruit from around the world.

Zay Protif


  • Possibility to make your own box

  • free shipping

  • From Family Farms Around the World

be opposed to

  • Lots of fruit in many boxes

  • It may take a week to receive the fruit

  • If you live in California, you can't buy fruit


Are you interested in buying or gifting exotic or tropical fruits like rambutan, red pitaya, durian or breadfruit? Tropical Fruit Box has it all. The company delivers seasonal tropical and exotic fruits anywhere in the continental United States.

Create your own fruit combos or choose from existing selections like the Taste of the Tropics Box ($149 for 10 lbs of fruit) or the Dragon Fruit Box ($99 for 8 lbs). The fruits are sourced from family farms in Central America, South America and the Caribbean and distributed from Florida.

Tropical Fruit Box is also one of the few sources of Del Monte's limited-edition PinkGlow pineapple, a rare pineapple that grows in the volcanic soil of Costa Rica and is exactly what its name suggests: a pineapple with pink flesh that tastes sweeter and less sour than a golden pineapple many. In addition to exotic fruits, Tropical Fruit Box also sells fresh ginger and turmeric, perfect additions to DIY smoothies.

All boxes come with free shipping and will arrive via UPS within one week of ordering.

Best for gourmet baskets :Fruity Manhattan

main specifications

  • Price (+ Shipping): Starting at $40, plus shipping
  • Estimated delivery time: 1 to 3 days
  • Availability: Nationwide

why we choose it

When you order one of the many baskets from this company, your gift will be filled with fresh and dried fruit as well as delicious snacks.

Zay Protif


  • Wide selection of baskets and boxes

  • I can only choose the fruit basket, no snacks

  • Offers a variety of fresh and dried fruits

be opposed to

  • Shipping costs are not included in the price

  • Personal delivery baskets are only available in the New York delivery area

  • Same day delivery not available outside New York


Manhattan Fruit Shop raises its fruit basket average. Gift baskets come in an assortment of fresh and/or dried fruit as well as nuts and other treats. Everything comes in a hand-woven bamboo basket or wooden keepsake box.

Cheer someone up with the Good Mood Foods Deluxe Basket, which includes about a dozen pieces of fresh seasonal fruit, mixed dried fruit and a bag of organic pistachios. Or for something more decadent, opt for the Pippin Fruit Basket, which features fresh exotic and seasonal fruit, alongside handcrafted chocolate bonbons from a local bakery.

Manhattan Fruitier has a great selection of organic baskets that include not only organic fruit, but also organic chocolate, nuts, and even cookies for those who really want to impress.

Prices vary widely based on the size and contents of the gift basket, but start at around $40. Baskets are shipped via UPS and can be delivered as early as the next day. NOTE: Some shopping baskets are designed for personal delivery within New York, so if you need to ship elsewhere, please filter for nationwide shipping options.

final verdict

When you're looking for the perfect gift, there are a variety of fruit basket delivery services to choose from. Some specialize in selling fresh fruit from their own orchards, while others offer a long line of boxes and baskets for every occasion. Overall, the best fruit basket delivery service is Harry & David.

Harry & David is highly regarded for the high quality of their fresh fruit. They also have a selection of items in a wide range of price ranges to suit any budget. You can choose from a simple box of pears or a sophisticated gift basket filled with fruit, nuts, cheese, and pretty much everything.

Compare the best fruit basket delivery services

societyPrice per dozen (+shipping)Estimated delivery daysAvailability:Accessories
harry and david best overallStarting at $30 (including shipping)flexible delivery dateSweena Rodneyfood pairing
fruit company best breedStarting at $84 (including shipping)1 to 3 daysSweena RodneySpecial gourmet products, special occasion ribbons
Frog Hollow Farm Best SustainabilityStarting at $35 (including shipping)1 to 4 daysSweena RodneyDried fruit, groceries and pastries
eating arrangement Best for fruit bouquetsStarting at $30, plus $10 shippingflexible delivery dateSweena RodneyToys, Balloons, Party Wraps
Sally's Berry Best for Chocolate StrawberriesStarting at $30, plus shipping or handling1 to 3 daysSweena Rodneythe flowers
Tropical Fruit Box Best for Tropical FruitsStarting at $50 with free shippingwithin 7 daysSweena RodneyYes
Fruity Manhattan Best for gourmet basketsStarting at $40 (including shipping)1 to 3 daysSweena RodneyGreeting cards, delicious pastries and snacks

frequently asked questions

Do fruit baskets usually contain whole or cut fruit?

Most of the fruit baskets on this list are made from whole, unprocessed fruit. However, some companies, notably Edible Arrangements and florist affiliates such as Shari's Berries and 1-800-Flowers' Harry & David, also offer prepared fresh-cut fruit "bouquets."

How much does a fruit basket usually cost?

Baskets vary according to the type of fruit, quantity and shipping cost. Prices range from about $35 for a basic fruit bouquet or a 3-pound box of fresh, whole fruit, to about $300 for a complex mix of fresh and dried fruit paired with other treats and even wine.


We've researched nearly two dozen fruit basket delivery services to compile a list of our top picks. In the process, we considered the types of baskets offered and whether there were options for big and small budgets alike. The source and quality of the fruit are important factors in our selection.

Each company offers something slightly different. Some specialize in seasonal whole fruit, while others make gifts with fresh-cut fruit or chocolate sauce. Some baskets and boxes are dedicated to fruit, while others come with special combinations such as gourmet cheeses and nuts. Shipping costs and flexible delivery dates are also taken into account. After evaluating these factors, we've compiled a list of the best fruit basket delivery services for everyone.

The 7 Best Fruit Basket Delivery Services of 2023 (8)


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