The 8 Best Places for Engagement Photography Sessions in Chicago | (2023)

1 January 2021

Filled with world-class architecture, iconic works of art, ancient statues and sculptures, Chicago is a dream come true for photographers around the world. The "City of Winds" is home to one of the most impressive skylines in the world and offers countless breathtaking photo opportunities. Talk aboutEngagement Session Locations near Chicago, the list of Instagram-worthy places remains endless. With the scenic Lake Michigan shoreline and gorgeous skyline featuring some of the tallest buildings in the country, Chicago engagement photography and affordable wedding photography create the ultimatedreamy portraitsto love for all the years to come. Choosing a place among so many beautiful places can be difficult. So before typingThe best places for engagement sessions near meon google, read this blog well:

Lago Herrick

If you are a couple who loves the outdoors and want to start your new life amidst the natural splendor then this place is a treat for your affordable engagement photography and affordable wedding photography.Lago HerrickIt is an expansive 855 acre woodland with 150 year old white, red and burs oak trees surrounding the space. With the tranquil lake as a backdrop, this mature plateau is home to an attractive variety of wildlife. Alongside the European grasses, this eco-hotspot looks like dreamland in the fall when the leaves take on kaleidoscopic hues. The 11-kilometer trail is surrounded by maple, oak, linden, and walnut trees. The forest has numerous meadows and picnic tables and the couple can bring their picnic basketsstunning engagement photos from chicago. ForEngagement session ideas, the couple can also go fishing, boating or camping in the cabin. Since there is no shortage of natural light in this location, check the weather forecast to plan your big day on a sunny day and get the best photoshoot. Clothing in light pastel colors works well against the vibrant backdrop as it blends you into the natural surroundings while also making you stand out in the photos.


Ende: 3S580 Naperville Road, Wheaton, IL 60189

Fees or Permits: There is no entry fee for this site. Some activities require permits, which must be purchased in advance online or through Visitor Services.

Strand der Nordallee

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Ready to fall in love with one of the mostBeautiful engagement places in Chicago? Welcome toStrand der Nordallee, which is located in Lincoln Park and covers an expansive 2,200 square feet. It is one of the most popular and exclusive destinations for engagement sessions thatView of Lake Michiganand buildings inspired by ocean liners. Celebrate love and courtship at this sparkling engagement destination, which features a blue-and-white, white-sand landscape that flawlessly reflects the city's vibe in all its facetsEngagement photography in Chicago. The beach house and beautiful boardwalk are lovely additions to the overall venue, which is a delight for our affordable engagement photographers and wedding photographers. The couple can stroll hand in hand or against the setting sun along the seafront promenadeCreate magical engagement photos. The natural light in this place is plentiful, making for stunning photos. One of the best outfits that goes well with a bright landscape are poppy-colored formals, which make you stand out while perfectly balancing the neutral-colored background. Couple photography is best in portrait mode, as the glittering horizon and sparkling water become one with the couple that captures the attentionpose in front of a fascinating background.


Adresse: 1601 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60611

Fees or Permits: There is no entry fee for this site. Permission is required for filming and photographing the engagement session; an application fee of $35 plus $45 (per site, per hour).


What better way to celebrate nature in your engagement photo than at a "Tree Museum"?Morton-Arboretumis a huge collection of 2,22,000 living plants and trees from around the world spread over 1,700 hectares of land. The DuPage River bisects the land and the river's undulating fairways make for enchanting engagement photos that look like a dream. Whether it's the Stonehenge-inspired structures or the magical green maze, the possibilities for oursEngagement-Fotograf in ChicagoSand cheap wedding photographers near Chicago to capture the love and romance in the legendary landscape are endless. If you are convinced that this place is the place to toast to new beginnings, you and your partner can mix and match your clothes in white. A white wardrobe will reflect on a different level, while shimmery backgrounds will change color with the hue that place is meant to be.Stunning engagement photography quote.


Endero: 4100 Illinois Route 53, Lisle, IL 60532

Fees or Permits: Admission fee for adults ages 18-64 is $15 ($10 on Wednesdays). Permission is required for all posed and formal photos or video recordings.


Art Institute of Chicago

For lovers of art and culture,Art Institute of ChicagoIt can be the dream engagement destination that can enchant your engagement photography in Chicago. The joyful glow and glory of love is felt here with a touch of true vintage flair. Both indoor and outdoor spaces are illuminated with natural light. The freshly manicured outdoor area is ideal for those looking for greenery amidst the concrete. In addition, the corridors and corridors of this place are well lit and offerBackdrops for engagement session photography. Kiss your lover amidst grandeur and pose for candid photos while magical backgrounds tell an enriching story. This art museum and school collects, preserves and restores art from around the world. Every corner whispers magical tales from the past and represents the diverse artistic traditions of art and culture. This 17th-century building exudes old-world grandeur and charm and exudes a sense ofRoyalties in engagement photography.Semi-formals can give the perfect look in front of lion sculptures, Beaux-Arts style with smooth solid walls and impressive archways can give a wonderland feeling and take you back in time.


Address: 111 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60603

Fees or Permits: Entry to this site is free. Contact the Public Affairs Department at (312) 443-3363 or[email protected]Arranging photo and film shoots.

Spring Valley Nature Reserve

Want to hear the lovebirds sing during your engagement session? If so, then perhaps you'll choose this natural spot of endless greenery in one of Chicago's most lavish engagement venues.Spring Valley Nature Reserveis a well-preserved natural area that extends over 300 hectaresSchaumburg Park District. This designated nature reserve is home to many flora and fauna and offers a close-to-nature experience. There is a log cabin among the whispering silver pines, next to a fire pit and picnic shelter. Create paths through rich foliagestunning engagement photosfor you lovers when you start celebrating your life with love. The rustic andCountry touch given to engagement photographyremains one of the main highlights of this space. the field andEngagement stitch with barn motifBest complement it with casual, flowy, old-school outfits that let you blend in with the backdrop. Leaning against the colorful barn hand in hand or walking through the golden fields, a country-inspired wardrobe against the backdrop feels dreamy.


Address: 1111 E Schaumburg Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60194, USA

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Fees or Permits: Entry to the park is free. Professional photographers or contract photographers must complete and submit an application for permission at least one week prior to a scheduled photo shoot in Spring Valley.

Downtown Chicago

Would you like to celebrate your engagement session amidst dynamic architecture and big city bustle? Just go to one ofTop Rated Engagement Photo in Chicagoplaces wherethe true Chicago vibecomes alive and gets lost in the hustle and bustle of the city. Can love music calm the hustle and bustle of the city? You can find out here when you should pose with your loved one in front of the cameraChicago's magnificent skylinewith oder chicago river nrKinzie Street Bridgeat the bottom. If you're one of those traveling couples who have wheels instead of legs, take a short stroll through Millenium Park and pose in front of the Cloud Gate. Let your affordable wedding photographers capture the true feelings ofDowntown Chicagowhile walking and posing openly in front of the vinyl LED banners and red brick walls. Let your heart melt with good foodaward-winning Chicago Riverwalkand include a love story that speaks volumes about her personality. You can go casual for a couple-next-door look or formal if you want to portray sophistication and grandeur for your engagement session. In the end it's your choice!


Address: 201 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60602, USA

Fees or Permits: Admission is free. Millenium Park photography is $45 (per location, per hour) along with a permit, available at the counter or online.

Loyola University campus

The quiet campus ofLoyola UniversityLocated on Chicago's Edgewater, the hotel offers pristine backdrops for Chicago engagement photo shoots. This destination offers the best of both worlds as you can enjoy all of the beautifully landscaped gardens with impeccable architectural features and the panoramic Chicago skyline celebrating the city's hustle and bustle. This university was founded in 1870 inrolling Fairways of Lake Michigan,and the entire campus looks like architectural splendor. The brick walls, massive white columns, cascading staircases and peaceful lawns with stately trees offer countless photo opportunities. You can dress up in formal attire or bring your pastel wardrobe to match the view. The impressive turquoise door of theBiblioteca Cudahy, A Capela Madonna Della Strada und andereDamen Student Centerare some of the best photogenic backdrops, with each of the spots offering a unique sense of decor and style for your affordable engagement photo session. From the turquoise door, the art deco architecture, and the intricately detailed pages of the library to the grand archways of the walkway, each backdrop has something special that will add a magical touch to your photos. Shaped and angled sidesgeometric architecture of the chapelJewels are added to the crown ofbeautiful engagement points of this destination.


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Adresse: 1032 W Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL 60660, USA

Fees or Permits: Admission is free. All requests for professional video and photography must be submitted in writing to the University's Marketing and Communications Department for approval at least one week in advance.

Ping Tom Memorial Park

The 17.44-acre urban park in Chicago's Chinatown,Ping Tom Memorial Parkis a small Chinese retreat with the magnificent Chicago skyline as a backdrop. Pagoda style architecture, intriguing plum trees, rolling lawns with an extensive collection of plants along the Chicago River shinestunning at engagement photo shoots. This hidden gem is a stunning destination to declare the love of your life with a touch of Chinese history and architecture as a backdrop. The immersive stone carvings, the huge Chinese statues with a mix of poppy red in the background, bring a breath of fresh air to the engagement session, which feels utterly peaceful and serene. The couple can play around with its pretty pastel colors and flowing flowers to make the shoot fit the atmosphere of the place. The carved columns and the whole aura of this place are very originalunlimited photo opportunities. You can pose while seated on the scenic benches or ride the water taxi as the photographers experiment with different angles throughout the photoshoot.


Adresse: 1700 S. Wentworth Ave., Chicago, IL 60616

Fees or Permits: Admission is free. A photo permit is required for the photo shoot.

Please note that licenses and fees are subject to change. Please confirm the guidelines with the venue before scheduling your session.

Lily & Lime offers incredibly affordable wedding photographers for fiancés and wedding planners. We are happy to document this special moment in your life!

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