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Do you want to have an outdoor wedding in September, October or November but don't know which fall wedding style to choose? Follow our guide to finding the perfect fall wedding ideas.

Why Have a Fall Wedding?

Fall has overtaken summer as the most popular wedding month. according toZola, now 40 percent of weddings take place in September and October. The fall air creates a cooler, more comfortable temperature for your guests, and the fall foliage provides a beautiful backdrop for your wedding.

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Fall is an especially perfect season for weddings because of the weather. You don't have to worry about sweating outside in your wedding dress, and the chances of rain in fall are usually far less than in summer.

Not only will the absence of heat and humidity keep your guests from needing fans during the ceremony, but it will also allow you to have a beautiful fall themed wedding with so many beautiful outdoor fall wedding ideas.

Let the fresh air, warm colors and extra seasonal decorations inspire you to have the perfect fall outdoor wedding!

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How to Choose an Outdoor Wedding Theme for Fall

There are many things to consider when choosing fall outdoor wedding ideas. For fall weddings, the weather is something to consider. If you plan to haveoutdoor weddingWhen hosting a ceremony or reception, keep in mind that guests may feel chilly when the temperature starts to drop.

While every bride wants the perfect fall wedding, remember that you can't control the weather. Depending on when your wedding takes place in the fall, choose the best theme for your date.

With so many holidays in fall, some brides choose to incorporate their favorite fall celebrations into their special day. Unique and unconventional brides can choose from a spooky Halloween theme or a trendy "send for a friend" themed wedding.

Whether it's a cozy private event or a Halloween-themed party, the creative possibilities for the perfect fall wedding are endless. Choose from ideas that are perfect for fall while adding a special touch that's unique to you and your partner.

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Get inspired by some ideas for an outdoor fall wedding!

Here are some of our favorite fall outdoor wedding ideas!

Wedding in a sunflower field or apple orchard

Use the autumn landscape as the perfect backdrop for your wedding day. A wedding in a seasonal orchard or sunflower field is an ideal way to connect the beauty of nature with your special day. For couples who want to "let the love grow" in a sunflower field or apple orchard, choose a simple outdoor wedding venue with plenty of natural views to admire.

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Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by the beauty of a sunflower field or apple orchard, using the autumnal natural backdrop as your decor.

The beautiful view of blooming flowers or apple trees will inspire your guests. By the way, using local seasonal flowers and fruits can not only match the season, but also save money.

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Rustic Farmhouse Wedding Ideas

Rustic country wedding ideas are very trendy and trendy right now, and there are so many inspirations to choose from! Make your perfect fall farm wedding stand out with unique details that are special to you and your partner. Choose from fall-inspired color schemes including dark navy, deep red, burnt orange, and more!

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Head to the farmers market for locally sourced decorations and flowers. Use hay bales as seating for wedding guests during the ceremony to add to the feel of an authentic farmhouse wedding.

Brighten up your outdoor wedding with romantic lighting. Wood accents will help bring in your rustic theme, and don't be afraid to use some white pumpkins for an outdoor country wedding in the fall.

back to school wedding theme

With fall back-to-school season upon us, it's the perfect time of year to get married for brides and grooms who want a sweet school-themed outdoor wedding!

Apples should be the first element of wedding decorations. Not only will they tie your entire fall wedding together, but they're in season, so there are plenty of options.

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Use chalkboard signs to guide guests to the ceremony and reception and let them know where to sit. Pencils and vintage books are the perfect accessories for an outdoor wedding before school starts.

Rent a school bus to transport guests to and from the venue. Your back to school wedding will be the perfect fall outdoor wedding!

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Spooky Halloween Wedding Ideas

If you and your partner are obsessed with all things Halloween, take advantage of your favorite holiday and decorate accordingly. Depending on the type of horror wedding you're planning, the ideas are limitless.

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for newlyweds who wantGothic dark color schemes for the wedding night, choose black and crimson tones. For the non-traditional bride, this is the perfect opportunity to wear a unique gown. Don't feel like you have to look like a traditional bride on your wedding day.

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Another idea is to use candle holders to create a spooky yet beautiful aesthetic for your Halloween wedding. Traditional Halloween decorations like cobwebs and skulls can be used artistically to make your fall wedding unique and beautiful.

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A cozy camping wedding

If you really want to go all out with your outdoor wedding, decide to bring your guestscamping! Take your guests on an adventure with this fall wedding idea. This campsite can be the perfect setting for a personalized, joyful wedding.

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This quirky campsite is perfect for couples who love nature. Mesmerize your guests by adorning your outdoor wedding venue with adorable tents and lanterns.

A Smalls Bar is the perfect addition to a small bonfire at your reception, not only will it complement your cozy camping theme, but it will also keep your guests safe from the fall temperatures.

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Friends Day Harvest Wedding

A "friend gives" themed wedding is the perfect idea for brides and grooms who want to reunite with their closest friends and family and thank them for their love. Fall traditional colors like pumpkins, reds, oranges and yellows and other fall decorations will add beauty to your wedding.

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Just as there are delicious treats at Thanksgiving, offer your guests a harvest feast that will wow them. Choose to serve pies instead of cakes on your special day for a fun seasonal surprise. Use a fall backdrop with lots of foliage and other fall details for your outdoor wedding.

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final thoughts

Whether you opt for a simple outdoor fall wedding or a lavish one, the possibilities for fall wedding ideas are endless. Use the beauty of the season to inspire your own unique fall outdoor wedding.

Use these outdoor wedding ideas and decorate your big day with fall wedding colors! Whether you're ready or not, find the perfect color scheme at Yeah Weddingsearly autumn weddingor latefall events in november

Once you have chosen a theme for your fall wedding,Design Your Fall Wedding Invitations to Match

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