Wedding Dress Quiz 2023 | What is your dream wedding dress? | January 2023 (2023)

Wedding Dress Quiz 2023 | What is your dream wedding dress? | January 2023 (1)



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Are you planning your special and beautiful wedding day? Or do you just like to fantasize about it? Either way, take our special quiz to find the wedding dress that suits you! We take into account your taste, your figure and your aesthetic preferences. Will you discover your dream wedding dress with this wedding dress test? Maybe that's why it's worth a try!

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your perfect marriage

Each of us has a different idea of ​​the perfect wedding. It all depends on what we like, how we want to spend our time, if we have a good relationship with our family and what our aesthetic sense is like. Do you already know what your ideal wedding will look like? You can find more inspiration here.

Most people prefer traditional weddings where the bride wears a white dress and after the ceremony everyone gathers for a feast. Family and friends are invited, there is music that pleases everyone and where you can dance well. Delicate floral decorations, beautiful plates, a variety of dishes that will appeal to everyone.

This choice is always good, but some people sometimes deviate from this scheme and do things their own way. What extravagant wedding options are hot right now? Let's introduce them to you and maybe you want to vent too. After all, it is such a wonderful day!

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Wedding dress in different colors

White is the most common choice, but not all brides opt for this color when choosing their wedding dress. Adventurers choose their favorite color or just one they like. Some want contrast and choose bold colors like black or red, still others opt for softness and choose pastel tones like pink, blue, green.

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Do you like these weird choices or do you prefer the traditional approach? Colorful details on a white dress, such as colorful ribbons, flowers or lace, are also common. Some people like to stand out and want to make their wedding unique. However, it is worth remembering that each marriage is unique, and the most important thing is to make the young couple happy.

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Unusual music selection

People like different types of music, and some people want their favorite music at their wedding, even if it's not in the typical "wedding style". For example, if someone likes rock or metal, they might want to hire that band for their wedding.

However, if the newlyweds are afraid that the guests will be dissatisfied, they choose at least a few favorite songs in order to diversify and please everyone. And what kind of music would you like to have at your wedding and would you rather choose a DJ or a band? Everything is an individual decision and you should respect the young couple's decisions even if you don't like them.

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childless marriages

This trend is becoming more and more common. Some people think that a wedding is not a suitable place for children. Weddings are there to bring all the attention to the bride and groom so that they can enjoy and celebrate that day as they see fit. Sometimes it happens that children tolerate, disturb and even spoil the fun. And some people just don't like kids, so they don't want them on the big day.

However, this opinion is often misunderstood by parents who cannot imagine life without children. But if you get an invitation to a childless wedding, it's better not to come than to go against everyone else and bring a child. Let's remember to respect each other, especially when we are a family.

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wedding dress cutouts

We have already talked about weddings, now it's time for the main topic of this article - wedding dresses. There are many types of wedding dresses, there is a wide variety to choose from, and perhaps that is why this choice is so difficult. It all depends on what you like, what cut and accessories you prefer and what you look good with. Let's start with snippet types:

  • Square - A simple square neckline with thicker straps is perfect for women with a short neck and narrow shoulders or if you like it flat.
  • Sweetheart - The sweetheart neckline adds romance and a Disney princess look. It releases the hourglass figure well.
  • V-neck - if you want to visually reduce the size of the bust and wide shoulders, then this choice is the best.
  • Off-Shoulder - Versatile and feminine, they look great on tall women. If you want to show off those shoulders, make sure you choose the right bra.
  • Sleeves - if you prefer modest choices and don't like to expose your shoulders, opt for tighter dresses with sleeves.
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bridal dress styles

The types of necklines are an important element when choosing a wedding dress. In addition, we also decided whether we prefer more open dresses or more straight and tight dresses. The material is also crucial, depending on whether we like lace, tulle or satin. And of course accessories – pearls, diamonds, flowers or maybe simple plain dresses. Do you know your wedding dress preferences? Perhaps these general types will help you choose:

  • Coquette - These wedding dresses are very delicate, romantic and feminine. There are often buffet sleeves, you can find different types of necklines. They're mostly flowy, with lots of layers of tulle or lace. Often decorated with floral elements, and the waist is emphasized with a corset.
  • Classic - Classic wedding dresses are usually frill-free, made of smooth, shiny material. They have simple, layerless cuts. They usually emphasize the silhouette and are very elegant.
  • Winter – For those who are going to get married in the winter, this guy is perfect. Such dresses usually have long sleeves and are sprinkled with brocade. They can be fur trimmed or embellished, or embroidered with beads. The best accessories for such dresses are fur jackets.
  • Non-Traditional – There is no limit here, non-traditional wedding dresses can come in different lengths and colors. They are bolder choices for determined and unique women.

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What is the best dress for my figure?

If what you want most is a dress that fits perfectly to your body and looks good on you, we can help here too. If you have a pear silhouette, that is, you have narrow shoulders and wide hips, asymmetrical dresses or dresses with buffalo sleeves that accentuate the waist are the best choice. Beware of flared princess dresses, it is better to choose a straight, narrow or fitted skirt.

On the other hand, if you have an hourglass figure, opt for mermaid-style dresses with a sweetheart neckline. Such a choice will emphasize your wealth. For a straight, square figure, strapless dresses that expose the shoulders or even the back and full skirts that accentuate the hips are good choices.

Do you know what body type you have? take ourkibbeh body typesand find out!

Wedding Dress Quiz 2023 | What is your dream wedding dress? | January 2023 (7)

Do you already know which wedding dress you would choose? Take our fun wedding dress test and find out which one suits you best. We will consider many factors and choose the best proposal for you!

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Does this wedding dress test take into account the different types of wedding dress pants?

Yes, the quiz takes into account different types of bridal skirts.

Will this quiz choose the perfect dress for my character?

Yes, the wedding dress body type test selects the perfect wedding dress based on your figure or preference.

Will the survey results include photos of the type of wedding dress I selected?

Yes, this wedding dress test will show you a photo of the wedding dress chosen for you.

Does this wedding dress test include non-traditional choices?

Yes, this test takes into account current trends and unusual decisions.

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